Writing Mentorship

Writing Mentorship

Welcome fellow seekers, travellers and writers.

If you are passionate about writing a spiritual memoir, a spiritually focused novel, a spiritual travel memoir (my favourite) or any form of genre on spirituality or travel and are looking for a writing mentor – you are in the right place.

I have devoted my life to writing, spirituality, travel, research and blogging, and occasionally I mentor a writer who is developing a manuscript (or has the first draft ready) on the above areas of passion. I have decided to offer this service after my own experience of writing and publishing a spiritual travel memoir, many short stories, an e-book, and many scholarly pieces – as well as blogs on spirituality. During this process I have realised there is hardly any mentorship offered for writing focused on spirituality.

Although I have been successful with my literary short stories, when I turned to writing about spirituality all my support network from within the literary milieu disappeared. Suddenly, I was on my own, faced with people who either could not relate to the new themes of my work or could not understand or value it. It was a shocking and discouraging experience. This service is aimed at sharing my experiences on that journey and supporting writers with similar spiritual inclinations.

Please note:

  1. Pricing is based on hours spent on the draft and includes reading of your draft
  2. All pricing options include at least a one hour meeting, either in person or via Skype, to discuss your draft
  3. Pricing changes if the manuscript is longer than 80,000 words
  4. Only personally selected manuscripts will be chosen
  5. I guarantee to treat your manuscripts and spiritual content with the respect, professionalism and personal experience they require and deserve
  6. I have years of experience teaching Creative Writing and Literature of Travel for Monash University
  7. I suggest that before you decide to contact me you check my Goddess News blogPublished Works and Talks and Testimonials pages to decide whether I am the right person for your book


Option 1: Reading of manuscript, up to one-hour discussion on manuscript, and three-page write-up of suggestions for improvement – $1100 AUD

Option 2: Reading of manuscript and its re-submission after changes are made, each including a one-hour discussion, and three-page write-up – $1700 AUD

Option 3: Reading of original manuscript plus reading of two re-submissions, each including a one-hour discussion and three-page write up – $2200 AUD

The mentorship does not include copy editing.

For inquiries, please write to joanna@joannakujawa.com