Where Do We Come from and Where Are We Going?

Where Do We Come from and Where Are We Going?

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The questions of our beginning (and ending) are fascinating. Traditional mainstream science would have us believe that everything is known about the material make-up of the universe. But many very good, well-educated researchers would disagree. Often they can’t openly discuss their views for fear of being ousted from the scientific community. That is why, in this blog, I will look into alternative explanations which make much more sense to me – so please bear with me. I am also writing this blog about two weeks before my birthday and several weeks before my family and I make many changes in our lives, including a move interstate. So this blog, apart from the pleasure of sharing my research with you, is also my birthday gift to myself because what is a more important question than ‘Where do we come from’?

Usually, the discussions about our beginning (e.g. the beginnings of the human species) revolve around two (both very boring) theories: one is that of the fundamentalists (God created the world in a week), the other is the Darwinian model of evolution.

I do not believe in the fundamentalist version for obvious reasons. The Darwinian model dominates the scientific arena, despite the fact that scientists still struggle with fundamental problems within the theory, including the famous and still illusive ‘missing link’.

Before you stop reading, I want to say that I do believe that the Darwinian theory of evolution has some merit and applies to many aspects of the physical life but it becomes a bit inconsistent when applied to humans. I also have some other serious problems with it: for example the theory of Social Darwinism that was started by Herbert Spencer in the 1880s. He is responsible for the application of Darwin’s theory of evolution to human society as a survival of the fittest,  which pretty much argues that the strongest among us will survive and the weaker … well … they are simply unfit for our society and thus let them perish! More importantly, his theory is still being used as a basis for the most aggressive form of business and environmental destruction. This man is in my black book forever.

Fortunately, there are other far more interesting alternative theories that are not given space in mainstream science or even the media, and I will attempt to introduce some of them here.

One of them comes from Michael Cremo. In his first book, Forbidden archeology : The hidden history of the human race, he discusses fascinating archaeological evidence of human civilisation that has been left out by mainstream archaeologists because it goes against what is held as the truth.  Mainstream history claims that human species evolved some time between 150,000 to 200,000 years ago and that there was no human civilisation before the Sumerian civilisation, in roughly 5000BC or so.

However, there are numerous findings that date hundreds, or even millions, of years earlier which are put into the ‘too difficult’ box by archaeologists. Such findings include the remains of modern-looking humans from much earlier periods that would completely override the timeframe of the Darwinian theory. (Gregg Braden, the bestselling New York Times author and geologist, by the way, argues the same.) 

For example, in the ruins of the ancient city of Mohenjo Daro, human skeletons were found positioned as though they were running away from something and contained a level of radiation 50 times what is considered normal. At the site there are also several examples of vitrification where stone objects have been melted, which could happen only if the temperature was at least 1500 Celsius – exactly the same as what was seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To make the story even more interesting, the ancient Indian masterpiece Mahabharata mentions an aspect of warfare that in simple terms describes something very close to a nuclear explosion. Also, the modern creator of the nuclear bomb, Robert Oppenheimer, was aware of these verses in the Mahabharata, as he quoted them (with great remorse) on 16 July 1945.

Another recently excavated example is in Gobekli Tepe, in Turkey, which also dates a few thousand years earlier than the Sumarian civilisation and makes mainstream archaeologists scratch their heads, as it does not fit at all in to their rigid datelines – funny about that.

So what does this mean?

Well, I believe this means that human species have been here much longer than previously thought and that perhaps Darwin’s theory might work in some instances but might not in others. Briefly, there is more to us than simple physical evolution. Biological evolutionists would have us believe that our Consciousness evolved from matter – even if there is little evidence for this.

Fortunately, there are other possibilities. I am going to share them with you and ask you to choose for yourself and, ideally, comment on them.

Michael Cremo, in his second book Human Devolution argues from the point of view of Hinduism that it is not that we evolved from primates (even though we are very close to them) but rather that there was a very complex process of Spiritual Being(s) descending into matter. So from that point of view it is higher/spiritual or multi-dimensional beings who became embodied for the purpose of physical experience. Or, to put it another way, it is Consciousness that descended into physical matter. 

If we, like Joseph Campbell, are to treat mythology as a source of metaphorical truth, then Cremo’s theory might make sense. All mythologies mention some process of descending, some movement of Higher Consciousness into matter. 

This process is also mentioned in Neoplatonism (created by the late Roman philosopher Plotinus in his masterpiece the Enneands) where Spirit descended in waves into matter. Thus, creation is like a fountain – where different beings descend from the Source. Some become embodied and some don’t, some are pure spirits and others are both (like us, they are made of spirit and matter), and so on.

This philosophy (Neoplatonism) was very influential in early Christianity as well as in esoteric Judaism and Christianity. One of my favourite philosophers, John Scotus Eriugena (a 9th century Irishman) also wrote about this with a beautiful metaphor about the fountain of existence and the descent of the Source into matter. 

Some of you may also know that I have written a book, Jerusalem Diary, about my trip to Jerusalem, for which I was asked by my two companions to read Part IV of The Urantia Book. The Urantia Book is conserved as a modern gnostic source or revelation. I am not a Urantian ‘reader’ as such but the early part so the book does discuss the process of, well, the population of Earth and, let me tell you, it starts neither with Adam and Eve, nor with primates. Instead it was an elaborate effort by multi-dimensional beings involving plenty of drama, including a rebellion by some of them (known in religious sources as ‘fallen angels’).  But who are angels if not multi-dimensional beings?

Also, in The Urantia Book our coming to Earth was complicated, involving both multi-dimensional beings/angels and primates, a tweaking of our primate DNA to speed up evolution, the intermingling of multi-dimensional beings with us (yes, to improve our DNA) and more.

This theory actually goes even further than the Sumarian Creation story, which I also know as the Ancient Astronaut Story where ‘gods from heaven’ came to us on their heavenly chariots/spaceships and, again played with the DNA of primates (or some other species closer to us) to create … well … us.

Personally, I much prefer the idea that apart from biological evolution, there was also Higher Consciousness involved. That it became incarnate to help us. And That Consciousness now, through our own conscious choices, walks Itself back to Itself – the  Source.

I do not deny there is currently ongoing biological evolution. There is. But that does not mean there is not more to this. It does not mean that some other more evolved or multi-dimensional beings did not play with our DNA and help us along. It does not mean that human species were not on this planet much earlier than mainstream science dares to admit. It does not mean that our history is not much richer and more interesting than simple biological evolution.

That is why I will mention one more philosophy I love – Kashmir Shaivism. Kashmir Shaivism is usually associated with Abhinavagutpa, the 9th century philosopher from Kashmir, India. And this philosophy embraces all I have mentioned above. To summarise, it says that Divine Consciousness in playful enjoyment danced Its way down to physical creation. And in enjoyment of that physical beauty and sensuality (look at the natural beauty around you), seduced by the natural beauty of our beautiful Earth, forgot what It was. And only now, through meaningful spiritual practice, does It remember Its true Greatness. It remembers that It is not a slave to this restrictive society, that It is more than Its physical existence, and It starts consciously dancing back to Its Source.

I love this philosophy because it is both Spirit and Life embracing. I love it because it is also about both devolution (dancing down to matter) and evolution (dancing back up) to the Source. I love it because it embraces the wholeness of human experience, neither overly spiritualising it nor limiting it only to its material existence. As we are both.

I would really love to hear your opinions about this in the comments.

If you don’t like it, please dismiss it as my extravagant birthday gift to myself and the next blog will be on Goddess and Different Types of Love.

With much Love,

Dr Joanna Kujawa

Spiritual Detective
Goddess News Blog

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6 Responses to Where Do We Come from and Where Are We Going?

  1. Lucy Hutchinson Smith says:

    Thank you for this ‘Birthday Blog’. I am totally on this page about ‘where from and where to’. The idea that facts limit the reaching for endless possibility, somehow we are encouraged to park our own enquiry. For myself the deity presents itself in beauty, be that nature or kindnesses and all else is a sliding scale from thereon in. As we are in a time where structures are crumbling or being exposed this is a great time to not cleave to any historically accepted beliefs and sail right off that cliff into endless possibility. Regards, Lucy

    • sundari says:

      Thank you, Lucy, for your wonderful comment. I am so glad that we are on the same page with this information. I agree, that we all collectively are going through major shifts in consciousness and, I believe, rapidly waking up as species. Not one day too soon – in my opinion. Some people might feel threatened by this shift and I respect it but it is so good to know that there are other, such as yourself, who are aware of the shift that is happening. I also agree that the Divine which appears under so many names and narratives is infinite and not limited to any of those narrative whether of specific religions or the current vogue in science – as both can be limiting and dogmatic. The Divine however represented, for me also, comes under the disguise of Beauty and Goodness and ask us to walk to walk each other back to the Source of all that is. Once again, thank you for your beautiful comment.
      Much love,
      Dr Joanna Kujawa

  2. John90 says:

    I totally agree with you Joanna. We are greater than the sum of our material parts and it is eartening that more educated voices (not meant as an elitist categorisation but rather an indication of rational open-mindedness) are finding receptive audiences via the internet. I have enjoyed Bruce H Lipton’s ”Biology of Belief” and also find the work of the Institute of Noetic Science absorbing. Science is finding it easier to remove the blinkers of dogma albeit still difficult to remove the snake oil salesman label.
    Enjoy your physical birthday and pursue your spiritual one ?

    • sundari says:

      Thank you John ?. What a beautiful comment and affirmation. Thank you for letting me know what readings in this area inspire you. I will check them out. Yes, science, a bit slowly, is waking up from its self-righteous dogmatism. It is funny really how scientists accuse religion (mind you – with excellent reasons) only to fall into the same trap of …dogmatism. This life is, in way or another, a complex dance of spirit and matter. I also sense that as many mystics experience all life and its manifestation in many forms is imbued with the same consciousness. Thank you again for your support and participation.
      Much love,
      Dr Joanna Kujawa

  3. Kathy says:

    Hi Sundari,

    Thank you for your birthday blog that addressed the most frustrating question to all…one that continues to haunt each one of us, but written here with such skillful intent as not to demonize neither the scientist, nor the religionist for all their flaws. It was for me heartwarming to revisit the perplexity of this question through the limited lense of various explorers and seekers who ventured to tackle this all intriquing question that lies at the fundamental core of all we humans – “where we came from and where the Hell (given that the large majority of us completely miss the Heaven here on Earth!) we are going! I suppose there is only one way to find out, and not that many of us are so inclined to take our curiousity to death’s door to inquire more profoundly this question, to find out firsthand!…suffice to say the limited matter in us, which is perpetually in ceaseless conflict with the boundless spirit in us – one trying to keep us safe (thus all the fears and anxieties we suffer for our survival) and the other wild explorer and seeker trying to break free from the chains of any limiting boundaries (real or imagined) to wonder into the boundless space of spirit (hence the endlessly seeking for something more), whichever way possible, with our bodies, with our intellect, with our emotions, just to find that elusive freedom that must come with an unbounded life. So on that note, may I say my friend, thank you again for this thoughful birthday piece, as you prepare to explore and seek into your boundless self interstate, I shall miss your physical presence closer in town – but who needs physical closeness, I hear you say, when what beckons connects us more profoundly!! I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday and may you find the joy of boundless abundant, heavenly life wherever you travel.

    Love Always,
    Your co-traveller, Kathy

    • sundari says:

      Thank you, Kathy, for your heart-felt comment. I agree that we are both from here and not from here. You said, and beautifully at that, that is why we always seek the boundless freedom as we know it, feel, in the depths of our spirit that it is ours. Yet, at the same time, we deal with the fears and anxieties and limitations of matter. Curiously though, the material world is so beautiful and I have read somewhere hat not only the Earth but other planets (and the suns) area also conscious beings – medieval philosophers believed so too. So I believe that there is more into this world than that strange dualism that we somehow experience on Earth. In the meantime, we are the travellers and explorers of this strange dominion – forever seeking and transcending our fears, we are both fragile and courageous. What a Journey! I will miss you too, my friend, but I also know that I need to move on and that one period of my life is ending and another is beginning. I had this feeling in other times in my life and I have always listened to it. This is my quest. So with all human fragility and courage I call upon this new adventure. We will meet again, we always do ?. Thank you my gorgeous friend.

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