What was the Great Magic of Isis and the Sexual Alchemy of Mary Magdalene?

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Dr Joanna Kujawa

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As I promised, in this blog I am exploring the theme of Mary
Magdalene and Alchemy, and their relationship to Isis.

 But first: What is the definition of Alchemy?

In my opinion, there are two definitions. One focuses on the
chemical process of crafting gold from a base metal, while the other is
concerned with the transmutation of matter into spirit as a form of
transcendence. This, of course, can mean many things. Some believe it is about
achieving immortality while still in this body, others believe it is about transforming
into a pure spirit, among other things. Some people dismiss all of this as pre-scientific
nonsense, but I disagree. My inner sense and my own spiritual journey have led
me to read, live and respect the scriptures of many traditions. By inclination
and through study, I am more inclined to seek the truth in alternative
traditions which have often been discounted by institutionalised or mainstream

Why? You may ask.

I do so because these alternative and often ‘secret’ traditions aim at empowering us and recognising our inherent divinity or, at least, our deep connection with It. They are interested in unlocking our potential – and not in controlling our destiny. They guide the persistent ones through practice and initiation processes to lead us to what some call Gnosis, and others call Liberation. Both mean the same thing: they teach us to pierce through the veil of our perceptions and recognise not only our own divinity but also the divinity of everything and everyone around us – even if it is covered either by maya (delusion) or as Gnostics would say the archonic forces of the world. Both, I believe, are located within our own consciousness; only by working on our own consciousness can we overcome these limitations. But this is only my personal opinion.

However, many esoteric traditions I respect also refer to Alchemy as a form of magic; that is, it is a set of tools that help us to perceive through the veils covering our own perception Margaret Starbird and many other writers are excellent sources for those interested in texts where Mary Magdalene is portrayed with a sacred vessel, an egg or a secret book. Some Gnostic sources claim she is the woman who knows the All.

But what was the All? What mysteries was she aware of?

And I must say that after tiresome research of both
scholarly sources and mythological narratives I am convinced that this Secret
Knowledge, this Alchemy, has to do with the crossing of the passage between
death and life, with immortal life or multidimensional crossing (call it what
you want). The narratives of resurrection, which in my opinion make no sense as
they are described in mainstream religion, take on a different meaning in
esoteric sources. I believe resurrection stands for the initiation of the crossing
between of what is considered ‘material’ and what is considered ‘spiritual’. In
my other blogs and videos I have discussed the connection between the
narratives of resurrection prevalent in many Goddess traditions, from Inanna to
Isis to Mary Magdalene. I am convinced they represent the same Goddess or
archetype (whichever vocabulary you prefer) re-emerging through the millennia,
including into our time.  So the time is Now.

(To check my other blogs on this topic please go to https://www.joannakujawa.com/inanna-ishtar-isis-mary-magdalene-recovering-the-lineage-of-the-lost-goddess-and-other-stolen-stories/

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If you prefer a video, please go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YJgouMIvyA).

If we agree with my assumption about the lineage of
Goddesses going back at least to Ninmah (predating Inanna or Isis) in ancient
Sumer sees them all share the same elements, then in this blog I would like to
focus on the possible connection between Isis and Mary Magdalene, in terms of

The Great Magic of Isis

Since the topic is open to much speculation and sometimes
very flamboyant conclusions, I wanted to enhance the topic with some scholarly
background. At first this was difficult, as many academic books on Isis are of
a historical nature (how worship of her developed and how it moved to Rome) and
do not touch upon the topic of Alchemy. But then a friend pointed me in the
direction of an exceptional scholarly book by Lesley Jackson, Isis – the
Eternal Goddess of Egypt and Rome
(2016). In this book, especially in the
chapter ‘The Great Magician’, Jackson explores Isis and her connection to what
the Egyptians called ‘Magic’. Jackson makes an important point that the
Egyptians viewed magic in a completely different way as it is viewed now, or as
it was viewed in the Greco-Roman period. Magic as understood by the Romans and
carried through to modern times is basically a clever but gross – and often
dangerous – manipulation of worldly forces for our own benefit or to cause someone
else harm (if conceived this way). So, in my understanding, magic as we know it
is like child’s play with material forces – and with a price to pay. There is nothing
alchemical or noble about this, with the only benefit usually being short-term
gain or control over something. 

According to Jackson, for the ancient Egyptians magic was
‘not sinister’ and was understood as a form of appeal to the higher powers of
the Universe ‘in the war against the chaos and negativity that was always
threatening creation’. Thus, magic was intended to bring harmony to the world
and turn chaos into the Cosmos. In other words, magic was not used to
manipulate matter but to reach the very Source, to correct what was obviously
wrong or spoiled. And in ancient Egyptian lore, Isis was the great magician,
she had the most heka (the creative energy of the Universe) of all the gods
and even the Magic God Thoth called her the ‘Mistress of Magic’.

So what is the connection here with Alchemy?

Well, heka, says Jackson, ‘flows between the sacred and ‘secular … world’. It flows between spirit and matter – which is my understanding of spiritual Alchemy. This power (heka) works through a proper use of words and incantations which ‘create a spiritual image’ and ‘reveal the essence’ of the intended outcome.

Another term akhu refers to magic connected to the afterlife.
Both can only be used if one knows the true name of the object or the person
(which were often hidden) to be affected. One incantation is ‘I am Isis the
Wise, the words of whose mouth of mine come to pass.’ Using this most ‘powerful
magic’, Isis managed to resurrect Osiris and ‘through Osiris everyone’. Do you
see the similarity to Mary Magdalene at the tomb and to Jesus as a redeemer? Not
only can Isis resurrect the dead but she can also grant immortality to humans.
She can also grant the power of magic to others, though only temporarily. 

For my personal interest, Isis is also the Goddess of Wisdom (‘Magician with Divine Wisdom’), since for the Egyptians knowledge ‘is power’. And Isis had human apprentices. She also used ‘magical numbers’, with 3 and 7 the most sacred, where 3 represents ‘many’ (Egyptian gods are usually clustered in threes, just like the Catholic Trinity) while 7 is associated with perfection and effectiveness. In other ancient sources mentioned in the Berlin Papyrus 7 also ‘stands for Isis’ and thus has the special power of the goddess.

Thus, by repeating an incantation three times we call upon one the trinities of goddesses-gods which now need to support our request.  By repeating it 7 times we assure its fulfillment by the virtue of the sacredness of the number itself.  

Divination was also one of Isis’ skills, with skulls often
used for this, although the practice was considered risky as, apparently,
sometimes they refused to shut up!

 For me, the most interesting aspect of the use of the skull as one of Isis’ magic tools is that Mary Magdalene as well as Tantric goddess Kali are often portrayed with a skull as the tool capable of destroying death, and in the case of Mary Magdalene also assisting in resurrection. 

The Sexual Alchemy of Mary Magdalene?

Now let’s move to a much more difficult connection (which is, however, popular in some circles) between May Magdalene, Egypt and Isis – a connection which goes beyond my blog on the Lineage of Goddesses. This is more contested territory, as I have not come across any scholarly sources on the topic, and can only rely on other people’s revelations, often of the intuitive kind, such as channelling.  It’s not that I discount channelling as a source of information or even revelation (many spiritual texts come to us in just this way) but rather I admit that there is no way of checking their validity. Having said that, I have come across a book, the authors of which claim has been be channelled. Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion’swork The Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies of Horus and The Sex Magic of Isis links Mary Magdalene to both Egypt and Isis.

Do I believe the book was channelled? Personally, no, but I’ll leave this for you to judge. I will refrain from arguing against it, however, because there can be no proof either way. (However, I am happy to discuss it in comments, if you ask). At the same time, I do believe it is an interesting book and I am glad that someone has written it, even if I question the claims of its origin.

In the first part of the book one of the authors apparently channels
Mary Magdalen, who recounts, in a rather beautiful way, the story of her and
Yeshua’s love. The Mary Magdalen of that book tells us that she was an advanced
initiate in the temple of Isis in Egypt, and that her mother was from Egypt and
her father from Mesopotamia. She describes how she met Yeshua and his mother by
a well and how the disciples judged her to be a whore because she had a gold
bracelet of Isis on her arm, signifying her initiation into secret sexual

After that meeting she practises a form of sexual magic with Yeshua (an equivalent of Tantra but with Egyptian terminology) to increase his ka (energetic body) and prepare him for his final ordeal of death and resurrection. For those interested, the book gives some Tantric methods, such as The Pathway of the Two Serpents, which is another form of raising one’s spiritual energy. More specifically, by using breathing techniques and imagination to raise of the two ‘serpents’  (energetic channels): the left Black Lunar Serpent and the right Gold Solar Serpent which cross their paths at the main ‘seals’ or chakhras of the body (from the base  ‘seal’ up to the crown ‘seal’) until the ‘subtle energies’ are released’within the brain’  For those who are familiar with Tantric and/or Hindu terminology, the Egyptian ‘Djed’ is a Sushumna, or the energetic channel along the spine, while ‘Sekhem’ is Shakti-Kundalini (the actual Energy). The book gives instructions on how to awaken and move the energy through the ‘Djed’, the way Mary Magdalen did with Yeshua. 

What is interesting for me is that the Sexual Alchemy she used refers to the working on the energetic body or ka, thus allowing the survival of the essence of the person (Yeshua/Jesus in this case) to transcend death. In short, the practice (like Tantra) uses sexual energy (orgasm) to move spiritual energy upward and eventually to a more subtle level of existence.  In my  experience of sexual Tantra the movement of Energy was palpable (no imagination was required) and distinctly different from that of orgasm but, perhaps that was due to the spontaneous nature of that experience.

Was there Sexual Alchemy in Isis’s tradition?

Unlike with Tantric sources, I have never come across
ancient Egyptian Sex magic sources which are historically defendable. At the
same time, if you read between the lines of some Gnostic sources, it could be
argued that there definitely was something akin to ‘sex magic’ in Egypt and in
the ancient world in general. This magic was kept secret for fear of it falling
into the wrong hands, being accessed by people who would not use it for their
spiritual advancement but rather for their own often selfish means or to harm
others. So, hypothetically, sex magic in Isis’ temple was possible, especially
as we know that her Sumerian predecessor Inanna and her priestesses definitely
performed sexual rituals. 

Still, is it probable that Mary Magdalen/e was connected to Egypt somehow?

My answer – in mythological terms – is ‘yes’. But not in an
historical sense and not from sources available to us.

What do I mean by this?

For me, Mary Magdalene can stand for one of two things.

One, she represents the same archetype remerging from our Collective Unconscious as Nimnah, Inanna, Isis, etc. She is all of them, under different names, with small changes in the twists of essentially the same plot. This archetype, although repressed for millennia, carries the secret of our true Destiny and Powers. It carries the secret locked in our ‘junk’ DNA that can, and one day will, completely transform us as species. So, in a way, arguing from an historical point of view about Mary Magdalen/e as an individual or as a character from a particular set of scriptures is secondary. What is important is the possibility that we carry her message to us within us – the greatest Alchemy of our transformation (transfiguration) into our highest possibility. And this is where I choose to focus.

Two, Mary Magdalene as the other goddesses (including Isis) could be the human embodiment of the Divine Story of our potential. That is, every so often a human being may embody the essence of that Story and live yet another version of how it plays itself out. In each case though, the Goddess is the centre of a very important transformation from matter into spirit and assists the crossing over to the spiritual realm. The Story is relived and repeated for our benefit until we finally understand its Alchemy or Magic, which are only tools for this transformation.

So, instead of asking ourselves where Mary Magdalen/e came
from, I think the more important question to ask is: What are we supposed to
learn from this story that we are not getting yet? For me, both Isis and Mary
Magdalene (and the whole lineage of goddesses under different names) are the
keys to answering this question.

I would love to hear your thoughts in Comments.

Please note that I always respond to your comments.

Much Love,

Dr Joanna Kujawa

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17 Responses to What was the Great Magic of Isis and the Sexual Alchemy of Mary Magdalene?

  1. Rosemary Harper says:

    I have long been aware of these goddess figures through my son who I think channeled as you say, the power. He went through profound changes lasting years and wrote a book about them. You can see it on Amazon, The Holy Dawn of Horace. I myself found his assistance invaluable to heal myself from the effects of very evil influences in the workplace. I was working with war traumatised men. All very mysterious and magical. Rosemary.

    • sundari says:

      That is a wonderful confirmation and Thank you, Rosemary, for sharing this here. I have no doubt that channelling is a valuable source of knowledge although I admit it was a challenge for me at first. So I am do not doubt that some channellers, including your son, have had access to more mysterious and valid sources. So I am not surprised that your son’s book rendered you and others service because of his gift to channel the subtle powers. My personal doubt about channelling that I have expressed here has to do only with the claims of the book that I quote in this blog. At the same time, I consider the book a significant achievement and an interesting source of information.
      Much love,
      Dr Joanna Kujawa
      Goddess News blog

      • Rosemary Harper says:

        I wholeheartedly agree that it is a challenge! I was horrified, having a solid grounding in 2 degrees and a lifetime career of medical Social Work. However the experiences were real and although I hated what it did to my son, he came through it and seems to be now a well balanced individual, different though! I often wonder if my very challenging job with very troubled War Vets was responsible for all of it. My son has a Degree in Ancient History, specializing in Egyptian history. We went to Egypt too, and had strange experiences there, particularly in the Temple of Horus at Edfu where he meditated and prayed and felt he had contacted some other reality. Freaky to say the least!

        • sundari says:

          I can relate to your experiences, Rosemary. When I have started on my spiritual path I was a literary writer dreaming of being a great writer and earned a living as an academic. All of this went turned upside down as I was given a different vision of reality and different possibilities. I would lie if I said that it was an easy path. It is not easy of letting go of old and very powerful ambitions which appear in a different light when our perception is shifted and expanded. But it all, eventually falls in place. The Journey continues.
          Much love,
          Dr Joanna Kujawa
          Goddess News blog

          • Rosemary Harper says:

            Thank you for your blog, understanding and replies Joanna! Have a look at William’s book on Amazon – very cheap as you can get it as an ebook. I would love you to tell me wha you thought. I am not spruickng for him, but it is mystical – I can’t understand it!! With love, Rosemary.

          • sundari says:

            Thank you, Rosemary. I will. Kindle it is!
            Much love,
            Dr Joanna Kujawa

  2. J. says:

    This is all very interesting. Obviously as you may know, Mary Magdalene is the Virgin Mary’s shadow. Interesting that the writers of the Bible chose that mythological image to balance out Mary’s all too pure feminine divinity. Yes alchemy in its purist form is about the Self and one becoming whole. Also psychic energy is not just sexual energy, known as the libido. Many great artists continued creating well into old age, with no need for sex. This was the great split between Freud and Jung.

    Thanks for the post!

    • sundari says:

      Thank you for your comment and Absolutely, spot on. I have written about Mary Magdalene and Mary as each other’s mirrors and how Isis, in her own time, went through the metamorphosis from Hathor to Mother which is what later happened to our duo of the Feminine.
      I do not equate, in a Freudian manner, sexual energy with the libido. I think Jung was right here when he split form Freud and one of the points of disagreement was just that: can sexual energy be spiritual? I, personally, believe that this only a mental distinction: energy is energy and ho wit is used and for what purpose it is used it is where the Alchemy take place.
      Thank you for this interesting discussion. I am a great admirer of Jung and esoteric Hinduism and anything that speaks of energy as the creative power of the universe in any form.
      Much love,
      Dr Joanna Kujawa
      Goddess News blog

      • J. says:

        Thank you Joanna! I love your blog, I read it with much urgency. True I adore Jung but am not a Jungian, nor do I think Jung would want anyone to be, but his insights are magnificent and have help me to achieve much inner strength through 7 years of analysis. Coming to terms with the Self is an incredible undertaking, for the ego hates being uncomfortable. Though I’ve strayed from psychedelic chemicals, I feel I have had many psychedelic trips, and of course every time we dream we are emitting the same chemical. Jung warned of “easy wisdom.” I’m also not a prude and against using sexual energy to build up creativity and happiness. As you I was brought up in the Roman Catholic tradition and much craziness done by uptight nuns, so the Magdalene holds much wisdom for me. The Virgin is just not practical, especially taken so literally. I’m a very sexual person, but at 51 not as much as 18, but more into eroticism then plain out sex bleh, such a turn off, I’d rather masturbate if that is the case, meaning if I have to let off steam.

        Thank you for your blog and I hope to grow as well as you are. Life is a dream within a dream for sure as Poe stated and tapping against the wall of reality can be frightening and almost bring someone to a point of absolute panic. I feel physical exercise, diet, intellectual stimulation and most of all creativity to live. The corporate world bores me but needs to be contended with. Jung and Joseph Campbell help, but they had their problems as well. Hard to tell sometimes

        Thanks you!


        • sundari says:

          Wow! J, Thank you for this wonderful elaboration and some practical advice to wrt corporate world and that whole side of life. Life always presents us with dilemmas and opportunities for growth but it certainly is a dream within a dream and seems more so as I mature spiritually. And Thank you for your encouragement. There is still so much I want to do! Books, I want to write books among many other wonderful adventures.
          Much love,
          Joanna Kujawa
          Dr Joanna Kujawa
          Goddess News blog
          PS under all of my intellectualising I am an ecstatic too. 🙂

  3. Dena says:

    Yes indeed we need to ask what Mary Magdalene is meant to show us. Absolutely Isis is part of that — as is Inanna. I don’t know where I first heard/found this knowledge, that Mary M was a priestess of Isis, initiated in her temple, but it seems to be something I have always known. Your blog is not the first place I have heard of this. Mary Magdalene comes to me often and Inanna is my primary goddess guide. Deeply grateful to have found your website and scholarship. In sisterhood and in the names of the Queen of Heaven, Dena

    • sundari says:

      Thank you, Dena, with all my heart. At the beginning, it was difficult for me to consider non-academic sources but then I realised the great truth that is resurfacing around us that pertains to the Divine Feminine and Mary Magdalene especially. It is a Great Awakening, indeed and it takes any form necessary to uncover the truths hidden for millennia. In my own research, too, I have reached the conclusion that Inanna, Isis and Mary Magdalene are of the same lineage or even the same personification of the Goddess. It is my goal to mix both academic research, intuitive insights of other people and experience my own and other people in this blog and two books that I am writing at the moment. So your confirmation is much valued here.
      Much love,
      Dr Joanna Kujawa

      • Dena says:

        Thank you so much for this. And thank you for following your heart! It *is* indeed a Great Awakening — happening so often, now, and so quickly. I feel its pace quickening and the urgency grows seemingly by the day. The “same personification of the goddess” is the perfect way of phrasing the connection between these three fierce and beloved beings. I love that you are following your intuition (the realm of the goddess, after all) and including intuitive insight in your books. I can’t wait to hear more about them.

        I am sure you have heard of it and read it already, but I have loved The Moon Under Her Feet by Clysta Kinstler. It is a novel that weaves all of these truths together.

        Also, this is seeminly off-topic and random, but on the topic of holding love as a value and a guide, and an important truth that must be honored and included, even in academia, I offer this “brown paper” written by a sister of the light, a dear friend. She wrote it to talk about how we measure love in the movement for social justice, but the way she talks about honoring and knowing love, seems highly relevant for your academic work which will surely want to strip love and truth out of it all. It is available for download here: http://shireeteng.org/share

        • Dena says:

          Oh! And surely you have read Sophie Bashford’s “You Are a Goddess”?

        • sundari says:

          Thank you, Dena, for your heart felt comments. I will check the novels and the link to Shireen’s paper.
          Yes, mainstream academic work s often devoid of feeling and accesses only some information, no the one that comes outside the rational mind.
          I am going to, occasionally, posy excerpts from m new book in progress – in additional to my research blogs. The first excerpt may be out as early as tomorrow. It is a much more personal approach and a personal story.
          Much love,’
          Dr Joanna Kujawa
          Goddess News Blog

  4. Pablo says:

    Hi! I have a morbid curiosity in unfamiliar things. I used to be a nihilist and have always been very restless and a trifle blunt. I think I’ve switched now to an initiate, where I think there is interconnectivity in even the smallest of things, like the “butterfly effect”. This book must be quite appalling to some of these mainstream religious types, because doesn’t it claim that Mary Magdalene had sex with Jesus Christ, not only that but they must have been doing it for hours because isn’t that how you invoke the sexual magik? You don’t ejaculate, but keep coming close to the verge and then let it simmer down, like riding the wave. Then you somehow raise this sexual energy up from your sexual organs up through your spine into your heart and then the mind? How could one use this magic for bad? Is that what Rasputin did? You know why I trust intuition as a valid source? Because the smartest man on this planet, one who invented over 80 percent of the stuff we still use today, including the technology we now use to communicate with each other over any distance in any remote part of the world, the physicist Nikola Tesla himself says that when he got the idea for AC current, it came to him from some type of divine source and he had to write it down in the sand. Instinct/intuition trumps logical deduction at times. There’s this other guy, an eastern spiritualist philosopher Mantak Chia that describes how to do this sex magic and tips on the breathing and such. This sexual energy is so powerful it’s everywhere no matter where you go. I’m wondering if it is the Devils Fire, and we steal it and either waste it or use it to “transform” it using this magic into access to ecstasy and spiritual revelations, seeing other dimensions and such. Oh by the way thank you so much for your thoughts, I read through this and I think that it’s solid, I do think this Mary Magdalene is just an archetype of this Divine Feminine idea, something that would make the world a better place if we adhere to the ideals. You can probably tell I’m young by this stream of thought, unorganized line of thought but it sure is great to know magic really is out there that the Egyptians thought the orgasm was a way to transcend death. But it’s about a mind orgasm, not about ejaculating am I right or wrong? I patiently await the experience of this sexual magic, but the partner has to be completely willing and trusting and willing to let go. The love is imperative yes? I would like more specific instruction on this sex magic.

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