The Secret of the Knights Templar and the Goddess Connection

The Secret of the Knights Templar and the Goddess Connection

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As promised in my blog ‘The Manifesto of Mary Magdalene’ I am following up with blogs on the mystery of the Knights Templar, Egyptian mysteries and my Mary Magdalene series. In my last blog in the series I discussed the connection between Mary Magdalene, the Troubadours and the Cathars – all of which took place in Southern France and is the focal point for the centuries-old worship of Mary Magdalene. That particular blog ended with the killing of the ‘heretical’ Cathars in Southern France in the thirteenth century. Historically, the end of the Cathars came after the siege of Montsegur in 1243, where over 210 ‘heretics’ were burned at the stake.

However – and this is definitely worth mentioning – a few of them managed to escape with their ‘treasure’.  Now, since the Cathars were deeply spiritual people and followers of Gnostic teachers of beliefs related to Manicheism (a very ascetic Gnostic sect) it is unlikely that the Cathars treasure was of material value. Also, not only did they die to protect their treasure but upon sharing it with some of the soldiers who were occupying Montsegur they managed to convert them as well – despite the soldiers knowing with certainty that they, too, would be burned at the stake after the fortress fell. All these, I believe, indicate that the Cathar treasure was of deep spiritual significance, perhaps even of cosmic proportions, since so many were willing to die for it.

Many alternative researchers, free of the confines of what is considered appropriate and what should not be discussed in academia, agree. Let’s explore their research.

First of all, since the ‘treasure’ and its secret were removed from the Montsegur fortress before its capture, they probably survived. But who and what could retrieve it or have knowledge of it? And one possibility definitely worth exploring concerns the Order of the Knights Templar, who also had access to some mysterious ‘treasure’ that they swore to protect with their lives and for the protection of which they did pay with their lives as they, too, were burned at the stake some years later, in 1307.

Who were the Knights Templar officially – and not so officially?

According to what we are taught in the history books, the Templars were a group of Crusaders who protected pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land. However, as Freddy Silva in his book The First Templar Nation (with over 70 references to back up his research, which spans over a decade) argues that this is only a smokescreen. He traces the development of the Order to Champagne where 11 (yes 11) Knights, who were already wealthy and had no reason to look for wealth, departed for the Holy Land in search of something. From the moment they arrived in Jerusalem in 1104, instead of occupying themselves with warfare, as other knights promptly did, they began searching for a ‘treasure’ on Temple Mount.

As Silva says, since the Knights were already wealthy, ‘money or accumulation of personal wealth was not a prime motivation’ for them. He contends that they found a secret ‘chamber under Temple Mount’ where they found secret scrolls meant for guiding the advanced initiates of an early Gnostic sect – The Essenes. Silva believes that the scrolls contained ‘spiritual laws’ and possibly the Ark of Covenant. (Just as a reminder, the Temple of Solomon was built for ‘the singular purpose of housing the Ark’ before it was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE.)

We may never know for certain what the Knights Templar found on Temple Mount but we know beyond any doubt that they found something, since after a decade or so, they left ‘abruptly’ and went back to Europe to consult with Lambert de Saint-Omer, their friend and scholar, and asked him to decipher some secret documents! After de Saint-Omer’s death, the deciphering work was passed over to the famous kabbalist Rabbi Solomon Ben Isaac (also a friend of the Templars).

Silva, who is a researcher of esoteric mysteries and the ‘art of resurrection’ in ancient temples around the world, argues in his book that the scroll the Templars brought back to Europe to decipher was ‘The book of Formation’ which ‘contained a formula of manifestation … a kind of Holy Grail’.

The story is long and complex, but suffice to say it is difficult to contend Silva, as historically we know that within only a few years the Templars had built an organisation worth over 1 trillion dollars, created a kind of independent corporation-state in Europe, and had introduced the art of building gothic cathedrals all over Europe which, incidentally, were usually dedicated to Our Lady and followed the principles of sacred geometry.

Why dedicated to ‘Our Lady’ or ‘Notre Dame’?

If you have been brought up as a Catholic like myself, it is easy to assume that they meant the Virgin Mary, right? But Silva is a careful researcher and notes that curiously, many important events in the Templars’ adventures and many of the churches they built were commemorated on the Feast of Mary Magdalene on the 22nd of July. Curious, isn’t it?

Not only that, many of these churches (and cathedrals) were built on the ancient sites of goddesses especially Isis. In his book, Silva goes through a thorough investigation of one such church founded by them in Tomar, Portugal called the Church of Santa Maria do Olival. He points out the linguistic similarity of Tomar to Tamar, which in some traditions was the name of the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus (sometimes she is called Sarah).

Incidentally, this was also the name of King Solomon’s daughter (Tamar or Thamar). In Mystery Schools’ traditions tamar also means a ‘palm tree’ and symbolizes the ritual of resurrection.  Silva believes that it is in the secret part of the Church of Santa Maria do Olival in Tomar that the Templars conducted their highest initiation rituals, not that different from those of the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools’ associated with the goddess Isis (known also as Resurrectrix of her husband god Osiris).

I do not want to confuse anyone here with these complexities but according to Margaret Starbird, Mary Magdalene’s name comes from Magdal-eder  which means ‘daughter of Jerusalem’, ‘tower of the flock’ or ‘elevated, great, magnificent’. Starbird, like Silva, makes the connection between Mary Magdalene and the House of Solomon and the Egyptian Mystery Schools.

So here we go with the goddess connection to the Templars:

  1. They discovered something of great significance on Temple Mount and brought it back to Europe to be deciphered
  2. They become unbelievably wealthy within a short period of time (among many things they purchased the island of Cyprus as their temporary headquarters)
  3. They built gothic cathedrals all over Europe dedicated to Our Lady (Notre Dame)
  4. They commemorated most of their significant events on the Feast of Mary Magdalene/Magdalen (22nd July)
  5. Many of their cathedrals are built on sites of previous worship to goddesses (including Isis).

What happened next?

We know from mainstream history that the Order was persecuted and the leaders were burned at the stake (sounds familiar?) on Friday the 13th of October 1307. Mainstream sources will also tell us that Philip the Fair, the French king, who was known for being handsome but greedy, and who had previously expelled Jews from France to organise some money, decided to prosecute the Templars for the same reason (to make extra money). The arrests were made, the Knights were tortured and their leaders eventually burned at the stake. There were great expectations of finding loads of money and the immense treasure of the Templars. But the king did not get what he so eagerly hoped for – no great treasure was found.

The tortured Templars either said nothing or made up stories to confuse the king. One ‘confessed’ that the mysterious ‘treasure’ was hidden in Gisors in Normandy, but nothing was found their either. Meanwhile over 500 kms away, 18 ships left the Port of La Rochelle with those Templars on board who had managed to escape. Silva’s research points towards Portugal and Northern Scotland as escape routes.  Curiously, Silva mentions that Portugal – which was soon founded by the Templars and their associates – could come from the expression Por Tu, O Gral or ‘Through you, Oh Grail’ which is a sign over the image of the Ark of Covenant at Chartres Cathedral (also, as sponsored by the Templars).

How is this different from other Holy Grail stories?

(Grotto of Mary Magdalene in Southern France, photo by Shannon Winters)

First of all, both Margaret Starbird in The Woman with the Alabaster Jar and Baigent, Leight, Lincoln in their bestseller The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail argue pretty much that the Holy Grail was the womb of Mary Magdalene. Their contention, albeit arrived at from varying sources, was that Mary Magdalene was a wife or a consort of Jesus and that their daughter Sara or Tamar (depending on tradition) was the source of the line of the French Merovingian dynasty. (I am simplifying here to give you the gist of the story.)

Historically, the Merovingians did exist in the early Middle Ages as French kings.

Were they the descendants of Mary’s daughter?

Who knows?  Nearly every dynasty claims a ‘divine origin’, so I am skeptical here. Also, I am not a royalist and do not care for royal claims.

Is this possible, though?

Well, yes, because the story continues in Southern France where both the legends and the worship of Mary Magdalene has survived and thrives to this day.

Do I believe in it?

Since I care nothing for royalty and any special divine DNA of kings and queens this theory doesn’t appeal to me … BUT let me approach it through the lens of a spiritual seeker.

In my opinion, it is not the DNA that matters but the possibility that a line of queens, kings, knights, scholars, alchemists, seekers did carry through the centuries and even millennia the secret knowledge not only of resurrection, as Silva, calls it, but of the mystery of the Universe and our ultimate place in It. This interests me. This lineage interests me. And that is why I like Silva’s book – because it explores this possibility. 

And this lineage connects the mysteries of Egypt, Gnosticism and the Alchemists – but, that, of course, is for another blog.

I would really love to hear from you on this one.

Much love,

Dr Joanna Kujawa

Spiritual Detective

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32 Responses to The Secret of the Knights Templar and the Goddess Connection

  1. I am reading Silva’s book right now! I picked it up in Rennes-les-Chateau. Great timing and highly interesting. Thank you for this post.

    • sundari says:

      Thank you Maxi. It is a great synchronicity, indeed :). Are you in Rennes-les-Chateau? How wonderful! Enjoy the atmosphere of the place and Freddy Silva’s book. Quite a read :). Much love to you xxx. Joanna

      • I was there in July with a group of men and women. 🙂 It was fantastic. We did a spiritual pilgrimage of Mary Magdalene’s high holy places. Feel drawn to PortuGRAL now, due to reading Silva’s book… This will be a lifetime full of fun, discovering the ancient mysteries and history. 🙂

        • sundari says:

          Wonderful! What a great pilgrimage and such a beautiful part of France! Lucky you :). I have been to PortuGral but not to Tomar as I stayed mostly in Lisbon. But I will go and visit Tomar next time. Let me know if you get there earlier :). Much love, Joanna xxxx

  2. mhearns says:

    very interesting and hopefully I can address the position of Tamar. In my research work I discovered a solar calendar, which dated the epoch from the birth of Isaac to the resurrection of Jesus a period of 777 days by 777 times or 1,653 years. The author P et al devised the sacred time line and cast it back from 620 BCE when the book was found in the temple at the time of King Josiah. They also programmed the calendar into the future to what became known as 29 CE. They also laid out a plan that there would be two genealogies running in parallel with this sacred calendar time line one of which ended up in Mathew’s gospel and the other in Luke’s gospel. It was in Luke’s gospel where the year 29 CE was suggested with the 15th year of the reign of Caesar and other leaders at that time.
    The genealogies began with Abraham and passed on to Isaac and then Jacob and onto Judah. However they did not pass onto Judah’s son who was married to Tamar. The Bible tells us that God slew Judah’s first son and then by custom the second son had to marry Tamar. he too was slain by God and it was then up to Judah to give his third and last son in marriage to Tamar. But fearing his third son would be also slain he did not bequeath his son to Tamar. It meant that the sacred bloodline would have been broken and that was part of the reason why the biblical writers arranged to have Tamar dress up and sit by the roadside near where Judah was tending sheep. Judah did not recognize her and thinking her to be a harlot he offered her presents in return for sex. She agreed and he gave her his staff because he had no money at that moment. Tamar got pregnant.and Judah declared she will die. But Tamar showed him the staff and he declared that she was more noble than him. In due course twins were born to tamar in a delivery that was similar to Rebecca’s when she had twins. On of Tamars babies was called Perez and he went on to become part of the sacred blood line.
    Tamar’s noble actions were rewarded where her son Perez was named in a mini-genealogy which began with him when a son was born to Ruth. In fact, Tamar had saved the sacred bloodline.
    Regards Michael

    • sundari says:

      Michael, as usual, your comment is a treat – Thank you. So much knowledge and research – I wish you all success. Thank you for sharing your research here with us about the calendar as this is super interesting. I also wonder what does the parallel lineage really mean? Could it mean that we, too, live in parallel timelines? Also, a very interesting point about the parallel lineages running and their relationship the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. However, strange stories about God slaughtering Judah’s son! I sometimes wonder about the intentions of that ‘old’ god, I must say. :). Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us here. Much love, Joanna x

      • mhearns says:

        I am reediting my book on the sacred calendar and I will send you a copy of it when I’m finished possibly in two weeks time. I believe the chapter on Judah and Tamar was inserted when the Torah was reedited around 500 to 700 BCE. So the slaughter by God was in the hands of the re-editor.
        i was in Poland on holiday in early August and my thoughts were with you.
        Lots of love

        • sundari says:

          Thank you, Michael ,that would be great. You are indefatigable with your research. This is very interesting that the ‘slaughter’ by god was probably added later. One can’t help but think that there were some ‘interests’ directed at scaring people rather than enlightening them there. Fortunately with good scholarship like yours this can be detected.
          Much love, Joanna x

  3. Colette Numajiri says:

    Thank you for writing this article. It’s fantastic, I’m excited to read your others! I also love the comments you’ve gotten! I’m not sure how a link to your article ended up in my inbox this morning but I think it was Heaven sent as I thought it was a response to a similar article I just posted last night! I take this a HUGE sign that the Divine Feminine is pushing us forward to liberate Her and all humanity. Blessings, Sister!

    • sundari says:

      Thank you Colette :). I will check your piece as well. It is a wonderful coincidence. Yes, let;s speak for the Goddess 🙂 xxx. Much work needs to be done x.
      Sending love,

  4. Tod Jones says:

    Fascinating! Not long ago I read Cathedral of the Black Madonna, by Jean Markale, another belovéd “outlaw” scholar, who contends that Chartres was constructed on an ancient Druidic center of worship dedicated to a Black Virgin who is about to give birth. The Madonna of Underground, which is housed in the Cathedral’s crypt, is the successor (as it were) of the Druidic Goddess. So many trails to follow and clues to unravel! Thanks for all your thought provoking work!

    • sundari says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, Tod. Yes, so many trails, leading to the past and future and converging right now in front of us. There is so much to explore and experience :). Thank you, again. Much appreciated x. I will check Jean Markale’s book and the Druidic connection xxx. Much love, Joanna.

  5. Ian Robinson says:

    Just terrific Sundari!!! In-depth research – and enlightened analysis – make for a really fasacinating exposē. Thanks a million.

    • sundari says:

      Thank you so much, Ian. So glad you have enjoyed the piece :). It is a fascinating book with so much in it. In my blog I have seethed through the Goddess connections but the book has much more. And, even with being so selective I only covered about one third of what I had intended. I am so glad, you have found it enjoyable. Many blessing to you, my friend. Much love, Love from both of us, Joanna xxx

  6. Peter Berryman says:

    Hi Joanna,

    Can I try and help?

    “Solve et coagula” is the motto of Alchemy.

    “Dissolve and Coagulate” is a “death” and a “rebirth” process. Here is the rebirth is the “resurrection” you were alluding to above, for the conscious accelerated evolution of the subject of transformation – be it a plant (spagyric tincture), a mineral (lead into gold), or even for an animal (human enlightenment).

    The Alchemist’s laboratory practise is the outer parallel of their inner work, and the products made in the lab, when ingested (as a holistic medicine), will transform the consumer, just as the substance in the lab itself was transformed.

    I’m returning the Magistry of plants for your personal transformation.

    Best wishes.

    • sundari says:

      Thank you, Peter, for your comment and analogy. I agree that the primary goal of the Alchemical process was the transformation of Consciousness – a form of deconstruction to create something new and of ‘higher level’. I also agree that the external process in the laboratory mirrored the internal process in the Alchemist’s Consciousness. The question is what method exactly did the Templars use? There are some interesting theories which I might explore in the near future as it is a fascinating topic, is it not? Once again, thank you for your input and suggestions. Much love, Joanna.
      PS In hindsight, based on Freddy Silva’s previous work on ancient monuments – he, perhaps, hints at a bit more than an initiation ritual – a portal of some kind?

  7. Terry Peters says:

    Hi Joanna;
    During my research I discovered that some of the founding members of the Templars ware actually from Cathar background! This also explains why the Templars had no choice but to stay neutral when the pope and his army took arms against the Cathars. They could not side with the Cathars as this would anger the pope nor could they side with the army as they would be killing thier own people. They did however hide some Cathar people during the genocide. Ironically the Templars themselves would be next in line years later to be rounded up by a popes army 🙂

    • sundari says:

      Hi Terry,
      Thank you for your comment. That is interesting. Could you tell me how did you arrive at this conclusion (which makes sense intuitively to me too) and what sources lead you in that direction?
      Your response is much appreciated,
      Much love,
      Dr Joanna Kujawa

      • Terry Peters says:

        Hi Joanna

        Most of the info I got came from sources in France one of which as at the Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève which had so many old documents and took a while to find! Of the nine founding members, Hugues de Pagens, had ties with many Cathar people and possibly had been a Cathar himself.  His genealogy points to Cathar heartland and another member, Godfrey de Saint-Omer appears to have been a relative of his.  Their mission to protect the pilgrims from the holyland had simply been a “smoke screen” for their main intentions and activites. There are other documents about but alot are protected by various groups

        Hope that helps

        • sundari says:

          Thank you, Terry, that is fascinating. I will look into this when I am in France again. Thank you for sharing. Loving it!
          Much love,
          Dr Joanna Kujawa
          Goddess News

  8. Brian Welton says:

    Thank you for your work it has helped my research. In Lincolns work he associated Magdalene with the planet Venus. Magdalene was possessed by seven wicked spirits and this is where I believe it is associated with the goddess.Tishku ,the star goddess, rules the earth with the aid of seven wicked spirits. “Tishku name of Ishtar.” I also identified a numeric sequence that identifes Templar migration /subversive activity.-“The Ruling Races of Prehistoric Times in India, South-Western Asia and Southern Europe”- J F Hewitt

    • sundari says:

      Thank you, Brian, for your interesting and intriguing comment. In my research concerning the Mary Magdalene and Templars connection I try to strike a balance between a good scholarship and mystery sources which often are obscure on purpose. The ‘sever demons’ of Mary Magdalene have many explanations as you know. As I am often influenced by other spiritual traditions and the work of J-Y Leloup I also tend to understand it as reference to clearing of the seven chakras but it is, of course, one of many possibilities.
      Once again, Thank you for your comment and encouragement,
      Dr Joanna Kujawa
      Goddess News Blog

  9. Brian Welton says:

    It is Tiskhu not Tishku :/ – “The Ruling Races of Prehistoric Times in India, southwestern Asia…” Vol1, Third essay pg 142.

  10. Robert DeFord says:

    anyone on this thread interested in Gurdjieff? (the premier 20th century alchemist). I believe (and practice the art he declares in chapter seven, pages 77. 76. and 78. in his book “All and Everything” (1950 copyright only). that it is “indispensably necessary” that you contemplate the rising sun daily, as you “tell your unconscious” to assist you and not resist you in your inner work).

    I have been doing just that for fifty years since I started in 1962…and verified that it works. Sunlight is the chief nutrition for your True Self” to awaken..your True Self aka your Sol…er…your Soul, your soundly sleeping soul that is.

    As you may know, the number seven represents “Perfection”

    PS Your one and only True Self, can only exist in the present moment.

  11. GEORGE HORTON says:


    • sundari says:

      Thank you for your comment, George. That is very interesting. I will check it out.
      Much love,
      Dr Joanna Kujawa
      Goddess News

  12. Robert says:

    Interestingly, this brought to mind the words of Lucy, seer of Fatima who, in relation to the (authentic) Third Secret stated, “In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved, etc.” Could this be interpreted as having something to do with the Ark of the Covenant or other esoteric artifact located in Portugal?

    The dense plane of physicality is a trap and the great secret is how to escape. It is called astral projection.

    • sundari says:

      Thank you, Robert, for your comment. Possibly. There are many versions and many possibilities. Graham Hancock believes that ark is in Ethiopia. I am mostly interested in the Templar’s connection with Goddess traditions and the Cathars.
      All the best on you Journey,
      Dr Joanna Kujawa
      Goddess News

  13. Robert says:

    Ancient Israel is located in the British Isles with Edinburgh, Scotland it’s capital Jerusalem. Comyns Beaumont lead the way and David Alan Ritchie connected all the dots.

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