The Other Goddess: Mary Magdalene and the Goddesses of Eros and Secret Knowledge

The Other Goddess: Mary Magdalene and the Goddesses of Eros and Secret Knowledge

Is there a lineage of goddesses that claims the evolutionary power of female sexuality? And if so, why were they pushed to the shadows and demeaned as harlots? Was Mary Magdalene one of them, and what were her teachings?

Looking into esoteric traditions that celebrated the Goddess and her art of sexual alchemy, Dr. Joanna Kujawa sets out on a detective journey to answer these questions to discover Mary Magdalene stands at the center of this investigation. Learn about her portrayal in the gnostic gospels as a teacher in her own right and Jesus’ intimate partner, the possibility of her life as an alchemist in Egypt, and her last years in Southern France. Find out if Mary Magdalene was the same person as Mary the Prophetess of Egypt and her connection to the mysterious Cathars, Black Madonnas, and Knights Templar.

Whether looking at Mary Magdalene, Sophia, Aphrodite, Inanna, Hathor, Isis, or the goddesses of esoteric Hinduism, Dr. Kujawa finds the archetype of The Other Goddess-the bearer of the mysteries of sexual alchemy that ends the division between sexuality and spirituality.

Endorsements for The Other Goddess:

In The Other Goddess, scholar Joanna Kujawa explores an esoteric tradition of women’s power and instructs readers on how they can utilize the transformative potentials that Mary Magdalene represents and personifies. Professor Diana Walsh Pasulka, author of American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology

Dr. Kujawa presents a very compelling, well-researched account of goddesses that rises above any typical discussion on the subject. This is essential reading for anyone interested in exploring ancient archetypes and new femininity. Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D., author of The Spiritually Confident Man: Pioneering a New Frontier of Co-Creative Masculinity

The Other Goddess explores and empowers the vital reclaiming of all aspects of the Divine Feminine and above all the healing grace of Her erotic wisdom and its embodiment in human love. Dr Jude Currivan, cosmologist, author, and co-founder WholeWorld-View