The Other Goddess course – The Goddesses of Eros & Secret Knowledge

Dearest Friends,

It has been months! But I have had the ride of my life with promoting ‘The Other Goddess’, doing interviews (almost 50 interviews on different channels), and recovering from acute RSI just to add to the mix. In the meantime, I have learned that The Other Goddess is being translated into Mandarin and will also be available as an audiobook in June. And today, I have completed the final step of ‘The Other Goddess’ project –  a course related to the book – ‘The Goddess of Eros and Secret Knowledge’ which has been released on my publisher’s site.

I have no idea what comes next. It is a strange time of fulfilment and vulnerability, completion and openness. For the last seven months, most of my Energies were focused outwardly to share what I had learned inwardly – if this makes sense. And now it is time for Beingness and Being Open. This is quite a feat for me, after putting all my soul, all my love and all I knew and had into this project.

So what is this project related to?

For the last 3000 years we have collectively and individually experienced a tragic and artificial split between our spirituality and sexuality – a split we need to heal for our evolutionary benefit and growth. The way to this healing lies in recovering the archetypes of the Goddesses of Eros and Secret Knowledge.

I invite you to reinterpret what you once believed to be true and journey into the fascinating histories and archetypal energies of the Goddesses of Eros and Secret Knowledge in this one of a kind five-part course I am offering at Sacred U.

In this course:

Learn the lineage of the Goddesses of Eros, their stories and teachings, and the women who embodied them.

Discover the esoteric teachings of the spiritual nature of the erotic rapture the Goddesses of Eros taught.

Understand the reason for the erroneous split between the ‘mother’ and ‘whore’ archetypes, both in mythical and psychological terms.

Explore examples of sexual alchemy in Ancient Egypt by Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, and Akhenaten.

Find out how Mary Magdalene is portrayed in the Gnostic Gospels and what she teaches in them.

Understand how the powerful Goddesses of Eros were hijacked including the Greek Goddess Aphrodite’s fall from power and what it symbolizes for us.

Learn rituals and prayers to connect with the Goddesses of Eros

Take a quiz to see which Goddess of Eros you identify with.

Many goddesses of the past embodied and taught the connection between body and spirit but were either vilified or redesigned by institutional religions to strip them of their sexuality and wisdom.

However, many of the goddesses’ teachings and stories survived and were taught in the esoteric schools of Egypt and India. This course will help you to reclaim their stories and teachings.
Module 1: Why the Goddesses of Eros?

Module 2: Eros and Spirituality in Tantra

Module 3: Eros and Magic

Module 4: The Goddesses of Eros in Hiding

Module 5: Reclaiming the Goddesses of Eros and Secret Knowledge

Module 1 is free to preview. Look for the free preview button in the course header.
Each module contains a one-hour visual presentation by me, a short excerpt from my book, a guided meditation, and a structured journaling assignment so you can fully embody the energies.

The course costs $188 but until Nov 22, my publisher is offering a $44 discount with the code ‘eros’.

To enrol in the course, please click on Goddesses of Eros and Secret Knowledge ( The full first module is free. 
To see a trailer about the book and the course:
Be The Other Goddess: Eros, Sexual Alchemy and Secret Knowledge (Book and Course) – YouTube
If you prefer to check out the book

The Other Goddess: Mary Magdalene and the Goddesses of Eros and Secret Knowledge

You can also check my spunky new LinkTree with all my links so we can stay in touch!
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for being with me on this incredible Journey.
Much Love,
Dr Joanna Kujawa
PS Thank you for all the comments. I have just checked them as I was away from this space, busy with the book and the course. And now, welcoming New Horizons and Adventures (and Detective Work) aligned with my life’s path hoping you will be my companions once again :).
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