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If you want to join me on a spiritual adventure in Jerusalem outside the dogma of insitutionalised religions please check my book on Amazon Kindle Jerusalem Diary: Searching for the Tomb and House of Jesus.

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Journaling to Manifest the Lost Goddess in Your Life: Secret Gnostic Traditions of Sophia and Mary Magdalene is for all of you, women and men, who either feel ‘stuck’ in your lives or feel that your potential has not fully manifested itself yet. By using Gnostic teachings on the Divine Feminine and Mary Magdalene, and following eight steps through structured journaling, this Workbook will help you to tap into your own Lost Goddess.

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Private Session
with Dr Joanna Kujawa

This is a service that allows you to have a private online consultation with Dr Joanna Kujawa to manifest the Lost Goddess in Your Life. Whether you feel that you have lost  touch with your inner goddess or desire a deeper understanding of women in your life, this consultation will help you to identify the blocks you are facing and provide you with the tools to move forward.


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