Published Works

Published work thus far — and more coming…

Dreaming Havana, published in HEAT and Best Australian Stories 2004

I wrote this story after a 2001 trip to Havana. After some experimenting I decided to write the piece in the second person to give it a sense of immediacy  and intimacy. The story describes two lovers……

Wild Horses, Best Australian Stories 2005

This is an erotically charged story of passion and emotional addiction. Here, too, the setting (Bali in this case) is one of the main characters of the story…..

Sketches in Exile, Space 3 (2006)

I wrote this story many years earlier, while I was still living in Toronto. It was written as part of a tryptich: Sketches in Exile, Letter to Modigliani and Bateau Lavoir. All three stories……

Explorers, Writers, and Other Creative Strangers, Griffith Review 15 (2007)

This is a spirited essay based on a chapter from my PhD (published in 2010), and applies a different look at immigration, attempting to debunk……

Package, Etchings 5 (2008)

This was one of the first stories I wrote in English: I re-wrote it again and again over several years. It is a tale about the tragic and comic ironies……

 Migration, Belonging, Alienation (2010)

An in-depth exploration of the concept of belonging, particularly the possibility of cosmopolitan citizenship. I decided to publish this book through Verlag (Germany) because I wanted to share my ideas with a broader public, rather than just……

Jerusalem Diary: Searching for the Tomb and House of Jesus (2012)

I simply could not resist the adventure. As soon as I finished my PhD and was expected to pursue a career in academia, my desire for adventure returned. And, voila, I met two men who claimed to have discovered……

Nomadic Tendencies: a History of Wanderlust, Griffith Review 37 (July 2012) 

My second piece of literary non-fiction published by Griffith Review plays with Bruce Chatwin’s idea of wanderlust as a natural human impulse, as primal as the desire to settle……

‘Inverting the Tourist Gaze’, Journal of Literature and Aesthetics vol.22.1, University of Sydney (Nov 2012).

This essay is a reflection on the beauty of travel. My intention was to convey the transformational aspect of travel, how it enhances our perception of beauty and Self-reflection……

the-saturday-age-joanna-kujawa-29032013The Mystery of Jesus’ Lost Tomb.  The Age (29 March 2013). 

When I embarked on my adventure to Jerusalem in 2005, my heart was on fire. As a scholar and aficionado of all things mediaeval, I already loved the city for its high drama, fervent passions and brutal history.  But nothing prepared me for its power – its palpable, multilayered energy, and the waves of love and despair that seemed to move through the streets…..

Journeys and Destinations Joanna KujawaJourneys and Destinations. Cambridge Scholars Press (Oct 2013).

After almost two years of waiting my chapter in an academic book on philosophies of travel is finally out. My chapter (chapter 6) is on hot mamas who travelled in times when women were not allowed to travel, wrote and published about their travels and spiritual journeys when no one else did. Here it is to all hot, smart, rebellious mamas.

something-about-marySomething About Mary Magdalene: Recovering the Central Figure in Early Christianity. Australian Broadcasting Corporation, (April 2015)

Mary Magdalene presented a challenge to early Christianity: an independent woman, a privileged disciple, an interpreter of Jesus’s teaching that inspired a following. So why is she overlooked?

sex-and-spiritSexuality and Spirituality: Can the Gnostic Gospel of Philip Bridge the Gap? Australian Broadcasting Corporation, (June 2015)

The highly publicised debate over same-sex marriage presents a welcome opportunity to highlight the need for a more inclusive way of looking at human sexuality – and, specifically, the relationship between sexuality and spirituality.

Spiritual but not Religious: What are Today’s ‘New Pilgrims’ Looking For? Australian Broadcasting Corporation (December 2016)

Some years ago, when my friend asked me why I was going on a Christmas pilgrimage to Jerusalem, I was not sure what answer I could give her.

Our Connection with God: A Very Personal yet Universal Journey. (e-magazine)

To define my own connection with God, I would say that it is a universal creative, conscious energy that is not static but dynamic, and is always evolving.

A Visit to the Sea of Galilee.

This is an excerpt from my book, Jerusalem Diary: Searching for the Tomb and House of Jesus. The Sea of Galilee has a poetic history.

The Nazareth House.

An except from Jerusalem Diary: Searching for the Tomb and House of Jesus, focusing on the Nazareth home of Mary and Joseph.

Mary Magdalene: The Myth and the Mirror (essay 1). Return to Mago

For ages, tradition portrayed Mary Magdalene as a prostitute. Was it just the simple male fantasy of a beautiful sinner saved by Grace? The story itself probably wasn’t true.

Mary Magdalene: The Gnostic Mary Magdalene (essay 2). Return to Mago

It was only years later, while living in Melbourne and no longer connected to the Catholic Church, that I found my way back to the Gnostic Gospels. Surely I had heard something about the Gnostics when studying at the Pontifical Institute in Toronto?

The Tomb.

An excerpt from Jerusalem Diary: Searching for the Tomb and House of Jesus.

Journaling to Manifest the Lost Goddess in Your Life: Secret Gnostic Traditions of Sophia and Mary Magdalene 

I created this workbook in answer to two important questions that I have asked myself: 1) How can I help people in a practical and simple way with the knowledge of gnostic teachings and my obsession with Mary Magdalene? and 2) How can we get unstuck by using structured journaling?

Please check it out, either on here, or at my webpage shop  for a printout of a pdf file to start working on it immediately. The AUD$10 price is to recover production costs.

Tourism Management Perspectives – Special Issue

I had the pleasure of co-editing the Special Issue of Tourism Management Perspectives with two super colleagues, Dr Joseph Cheer and Dr Yaniv Belhassen. I also wrote a heartfelt chapter on the differences between spirituality, institutionalised religions and the authentic spiritual experience. I analysed some famous travel memoirs (Paul Brunton’s  In Search of Secret India, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love and my own Jerusalem Diary) as grassroots quests for an original spiritual experience away from institutionalised traditional religions.  I also co-authored a theoretical chapter on spiritual travel as well as the introduction to this book. (Click on the image to download the full article in PDF format.)

Can a Woman Be Both Powerful and Sensual? – Rebelle Society

I love sharing my ideas with soul-minded people so I was honoured when Rebelle Society republished my blog ‘Can a woman be both powerful and sensual?’ Rebelle Society is a popular online journal not afraid of interesting ideas and with a huge following around the world. I am very happy to join this club!

Mary Magdalene, Dark Madonnas as the Archetypes of the ‘Other’ Goddess – Rebelle Society

When investigating mythological references to the Goddesses and the Divine Feminine, I have come across some intriguing similarities, which forced me to move beyond my comfort zone  to alternative and strange territories.

The Secret Traditions of Gnosis and Tantra – Rebelle Society

The two secret traditions that included the Goddess, or some other form of the Divine Feminine, were some Gnostic Schools in early Christianity, and Tantra in Hinduism.

Where Does the Goddess Come From? – Rebelle Society

Have you ever wondered where the Goddess comes from and why she has been hidden from us, from the public eye, so to speak?

Sophia as Divine Wisdom and Higher Mind – Rebelle Society

Sophia is very close to my heart because she stands for the Rejected Feminine in our belief systems.

But, as Carl Jung says, nothing can be rejected forever, and what is repressed will eventually come out, both symbolically and literally.

Archetypes of Angels: Beings of light, Photons and the Fallen Ones – 1God

For a long time I have been waiting for an intelligent explanation for Angels. I am not satisfied with the androgynous winged beings that look like high fashion models on New Age divination card decks.

Greek and Hindu Goddesses: Which One Are You? – Rebelle Society

The Hindu goddesses are similar to the ancient Greek goddesses, except they have the spiritual insight, they have the spiritual significance.

Tantra and the Worship of the Goddess – Rebelle Society

Tantra says that everything, the entire Universe/Creation, is sacred, is holy, that everything we do is sacred, even, or perhaps especially, those things we have been conditioned to believe to be impure or sinful, such as sexuality and sexual acts.

Sex and Relationships: Tantra, the Gospel of Philip and What Is Going On – Rebelle Society

In The Gospel of Philip, the divine force between two people is explored through a sexual union as it is in Tantra, and not just by a platonic connection.

Divine Mother: Mary, Tara, and That Virgin Business – Rebelle Society

My relationship with the Divine Mother has always been that of a prodigal daughter.

Lust and Spirit: What’s Love Got to Do with It? – Rebelle Society

Valentine’s Day is here, and all kinds of stories are being published by experts, and all kinds of industries selling postcards, chocolates and teddy bears are attempting to profit from commercialising love, romance and soulmate-ship.

Queen of Elphame: It Is Important to Study the Goddess Traditions – Rebelle Society

When I look back at my life, the moments of empowerment and disempowerment both come to one and the same thing: feelings of connectivity with something much bigger than myself, very sweet and potent, or dis-connectivity from this bigger design.

What Is the Gospel of Mary Magdalene Really About? – Rebelle Society

These are times of a symbolic resurrection of Mary Magdalene, as, despite all the vilification she has experienced at the hands of institutionalised religions, fascination with her as the archetype of the fully developed Divine Feminine increases daily.

Travel along the Journey – Light on Light Magazine

When, in my thirties, I undertook my first bout of spiritual travel I was unaware I was doing something that 100 million other people were also doing every year.

Mary Magdalene and the Undefinable Holy Grail – Rebelle Society

There are many conspiracy theories surrounding Mary Magdalene.
A conspiracy theory is generally an approach which is not accepted in mainstream discourse or discussions on a given topic. This can be either due to intended or unintended omission for the purpose of hiding difficult-to-handle information, or because the information is considered untruthful and not worthy of proper scholarly scrutiny.

Tantra, Esoteric Christianity and Mary Magdalene – Rebelle Society

When I was an ardent student of Tantra, I wrote a piece for a well-known men’s magazine about Tantra.

All Creation is Imbued with a Divine Spirit – Rebelle Society

I have been travelling through the Australian outback, including spending some time on a farm for rescued animals.
I felt these animals’ often very subtle, joyful and forgiving energy, and I have no doubt that, like us, they are spiritual beings, imbued with a loving spirit.

The Evolution of Masculinity: Spirit, Relationships and Success – Rebelle Society

Last November, as I was giving a talk and conducting a workshop on Sophia and Gnostic goddesses for the Carl Jung Society in Melbourne — the talk was dedicated to exploring the Divine Feminine — one woman wisely asked me, “But what about the Divine Masculine?”

Inanna-Ishtar, Isis, Mary Magdalene: Recovering the Lineage of the Lost Goddess and Other Stolen Stories – Rebelle Society

In my research on Mary Magdalene, I have found many unusual links to feminine divinities of the past.
It is almost as if Mary Magdalene, throughout the ages, has become a focal point for lost goddesses and their presence in our lives.

Life Is Not Meant to Be Lived in a Straight Line – Rebelle Society

To say that we are all complicated beings and that each of us has many parts to our psyche is an understatement, especially when we need to face turning points and difficult changes in our lives.

What is the Gospel of Mary Magdalene Really About? – Rebelle Society

These are times of a symbolic resurrection of Mary Magdalene, as, despite all the vilification she has experienced at the hands of institutionalized religions, fascination with her as the archetype of the fully developed Divine Feminine increases daily.

The Tree of life and the Serpent: What the Ancient Goddesses Came to Teach Us – Rebelle Society

Anyone who was brought up on Western religious traditions knows the story of Adam and Eve, the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of life and the Serpent.
It is a strange, foreboding story that ends with the expulsion of humanity from Paradise for disobedience. This story has never made any sense to me.

I am honoured to be on the cover of volume 2 of the New Humans of Australia and have my life story recalled there. It is good to remember what we have done so far and the choices we have made under often difficult circumstances so we can continue living our lives with beauty, courage and can inspire others.

Why We Still Go on Pilgrimages? – Journal of Tourism & Hospitality

As Christmas holidays are approaching, millions of people are planning to go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. About 2 million will crowd the streets of the city of Jerusalem during that time. But pilgrimage is not only a Christian idea.

She Rises 3 (volume 3) – My Encounter with Mary Magdalene (an essay)

I am so very happy to be one of the international contributors to the She Rises Volume 3 where you can find my personal essay on Mary Magdalene (of course!).

Women-Philosopher Archetypes of the Ancient World – Rebelle Society

My search for the archetypes of women empowered both spiritually and sexually has taken me to some interesting places.

I have been fascinated by how two things have usually happened in the past in depictions of wise or educated women.

Along the Journey – Light on Light Magazine

Once upon a time, I was happy to be published in the same collection with a Noble Prize Winner for literature. Today I am so happy to be published in the same issue of Light on Light magazine with Deepak Chopra, with my column on pp 60-61.