Practical Goddess News: Intuition, Road trip and Recovering Your Spirit

Practical Goddess News: Intuition, Road trip and Recovering Your Spirit.

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Dearest Friends,

I hope this (Goddess News) blog finds you well. This is not my regular blog, as I am getting ready for a road trip and a Quest to regain my mojo. I will make it up to you when I am back at the end of August with a good and properly researched blog. But today I am here to share some reflections. I have been lucky enough to get some (paid) time off this winter, and it’s all thanks to intuition and Higher Powers and Insight. I am sharing this with you in case you, too, want to make a change in life and are wondering if you are supported in your desire.

So my answer is: You are!

Last (Australian) summer, I was sitting on our porch and wondering how I could avoid commuting to work this winter (the commute is a very long, over two-hour trip) and focus on my creativity and connect with the Spirit. I heard  a quiet, very peaceful, almost inaudible voice, tell me to go to work and ask. My mind immediately clicked in: ‘Why ask? It is impossible to get two months off.’ But the beautiful, quiet voice repeated playfully, ‘Just ask’.

So, despite my mind’s objections, I went and asked: ‘Is it possible to take unpaid leave in July and August?’ I felt it was necessary for me to regain my connection with my Spirit and connectivity. I did not know how I would earn a living during the two months but I knew in the depths of my heart and soul that I needed this time off. To my surprise, I was told that I had accumulated two months of paid leave, as I have been working pretty much constantly for the last five years! This is the perfect example of where our Intuition can take us when we listen to it. Two months of paid leave to recover my soul and creativity. To recover the deep sense of myself. Thank you!

And all it took was going and asking for it, as my intuition, as the quiet, very peaceful and almost inaudible voice suggested – because, my friends, intuition is always speaking to us very quietly and peacefully. It is the ego that screams. The ego screams because it knows it has no real power.

So I have pretty much, spent the last month looking into my intuition and listening to it – with amazing results. I also took a course with Sonia Choquette to help me focus on this. It might be very easy for you to listen to your heart and intuition but my mind … well … I have spent most of my life (until now) training it, so It requires a special effort for me to listen to my intuition. The good news is if I can hear it, so can you.

Some other amazing things happened as I surrendered my intellectual sarcasm to intuition. You see, when you are working as an academic and you have a PhD, you have more or less been taught all of your life (until this point for me) to depend on your intellectual judgement. Do not get me wrong – a clear mind is a great spiritual virtue; all spiritual traditions agree on this. However, too frequently the mind starts to think of itself as superior and cuts off the links to higher and more subtle realms. This is where most people are nowadays. Do not let this happen to you.

You know that I am fascinated with two spiritual traditions: the Gnostics and Kashmir Shavism – both esoteric branches of organised religions.  You probably also know by now what I think of organised religions – they pretend to bring us to the Divine while, in fact, they are based on fear and how to cut us off from our own innate connection to the Divine. We have this connection in our genes; it is our birthright and Gift.

In Gnosticism we are called to look within and not to listen to authorities to find the connection.  This is what Yeshua (the Gnostic Jesus) teaches.

In Kashmir Shaivism we are told that the veil is very thin, that the glory of our Being and the Divine is always available to us, that we just need to  destroy the dualistic habits of our minds. It is all just a story that we are told, a story of limitation. It is time, my gorgeous friends, to tell ourselves our OWN story, the story of our Great Potential. The Goddess wants us to be great, not miserable.

We can treat intuition as a goddess that whispers to us in a beautiful and always truthful voice. She is Kali the destroyer of the illusions of the mind, and she is Saraswati the Wise one, and she is Aphrodite-Venus the goddess of love and beauty. ‘Love thyself and do not be afraid,’ she whispers. ‘Love thyself and love your life and love others.’ ‘Love Nature, she whispers, because we are nothing without Her. ‘Go for a walk and touch the trees and your way and thank them for their beauty and wisdom.’ I weep each time I see a tree cut down, and I  can’t stand people who do this. It takes a lot for me to forgive them because they do not know what they are doing in their ignorance.

One of the first things I learned at the beginning of my spiritual journey was that there is no guilt and there is no sin, there is just this horrifying ignorance. That is why I love the Gnostics, who teach us about liberation from the ugliness left over from some dark past in our evolution. And that is why I love Kashmir Shavism because through bliss it destroys the veil between us and the true nature of life, which is beauty.

So I am taking my family on a road trip to a sacred aboriginal place in Australia to regain my Spirit.  Please join me on this trip through my Public FaceBook Page.

Also, I would like to propose a Live FB event once a month, let’s say the last Sunday of each month, with the first on the 26th of August at 12pm Melbourne time for a discussion on our blogs and any other spiritual, creative questions you might have. I hope to see you there.

Also, if you can make it to Byron Bay on the 24th and 25th of November this year I will be giving a fun workshop on Manifesting Your Goddess Archetype at as an event for the Unity.Earth.  If you are interested, please send me an inquiry.

Much love,

Dr Joanna Kujawa

Goddess News Blog

Please leave a comment if you are interested in the FB or Byron bay event or would like more blogs on intuition.

Off on my Quest 🙂 xxx

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    You’ve been blessed by the spirits! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story with us!

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