Joanna discusses her new book ‘The Other Goddess’ on various media channels

Dr Joanna Kujawa featured in Season 4 of Magical Egypt

Do ancient goddesses hold the key to a global shift in consciousness? The rise of the feminine is the medicine for our time with Dr Joanna Kujawa – The Psychedelic Mom

Soul Nectar Show with Kerri Hummingbird:
The True Power of the Goddess with Dr Joanna Kujawa

Invoking the Magic of Eros with Dr Joanna Kujawa
(Live workshop 4 November)

Invoking Eros with Dr Joanna Kujawa

Ecstatic Gnosis: Chance Gardner and Dr Joanna Kujawa for the Magical Egypt Symposium

Mary Magdalene and the Mysteries of Isis: The Ascension Teachings of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene for the Magical Egypt Symposium

Typical Skeptic Podcast August 2023

The Leak Project July 2023

History Valley July 2023

Lazarus Symposium May 2023

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (Live) – Mary Magdalene, Esoteric Egypt & Kundalini Gnosis

Gnostic Informant (Live) – Gospel of Mary & Mysteries of Isis

Women of Wisdom Symposium for Magical Egypt

For Polish-Speaking Audiences

Superhumanize Me Podcast (California)

The Revelation Podcast (US)

Night Bird Radio (US)

The Liberated Healer (US)

An Interview with My Publisher from Taiwan

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (Chicago)

The Awakening World (US)

Typical Sceptic (US)

The Going North Podcast with Dom Brightmon (US)

Regarding Consciousness Podcast (Lisbon)

History Valley (US)

Leak Project

Higherside Chats

Journeys to the Goddess TV

The Law of Positivism with Shareen Oberg (Hay House UK/Sweden)

This episode covers the following topics: Mary Magdalene and her story – Gnostic teachings – The Black Madonna – Goddess mythology

Dimensionfold podcast (Canada)

Who was Mary Magdalene and what role did she play among Jesus and the disciples? Have we been given the whole story? What light may the gnostic gospels shed on the matter? Is Mary part of an ancient hermetic tradition of guarding forbidden knowledge and pleasures?

The Typical Skeptic

The Psychic Coffee Shop with Aeson Knight (US)

Live Radio Talk Show with Dr Sue Barnes (US)

World Unity Week

Mary Magdalene Studies Association

The Carl Jung Society Melbourne

The Carl Jung Society Sydney

The Carl Jung Society Brisbane

Feminine Revered with Emmi Mutale (Zambia)

I am excited to be featured on the Sacred Feminine Power podcast hosted by Emmi of Feminine Revered! In my interview, I describe my childhood experiences of the duality of the Divine Feminine in the form of the unachievable ideal of Virgin Mary and the often sidelined and misunderstood Mary Magdalene, and of rebelling against a system that wanted to keep me in a specific, narrow-minded container.

I go on to explore fascinating themes that range from the power of meditation to my powerful connection to nature and sensitivity to suffering. I also discuss Eros and goddesses, higher magic and gnostic texts, and finally, my recently released book, The Other Goddess which tells the story of Mary Magdalene based on years of research and personal reflection.

Maxime Lichtenberg Podcast (Spain)

Dare to Dream Podcast – featured on many radio stations and social media platforms (see links below)

In this interview we discuss:

  1. How to get in touch with The Universe 2) Isis creating from high #magic and the field of all possibilities 3) Why is Mary Magdalene depicted with a skull or egg in her hand? 4) The Goddess #Ninmah the #Summerians and the #Anunnaki 5) Who were the #Gnostics ?

I love giving interviews, as each host has a different focus and we can talk about the goddess theme or sexuality-spirituality themes but each time from a completely different angle. Each time great fun!

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History Valley (US)

I was live on History Valley and these are the questions I answered 🙂. Do you think in early Christianity that the goddess was more important and then over time it was overshadowed and removed from Christianity and later came back in the form of Gnosticism?

Do you believe that Mary Magdalene was historical?

How does sexual alchemy put an end to the division between sexuality and spirituality?

Vibrational Revelations

In this interview Elena and Alejandro reveal vibrations of some of the great Tantric teachers. We look into dakinis, Abhinavagupta, ancient classic and modern Tantra.

On the Fringe FM

Listen to “Sexual Alchemy & Goddesses of Eros W/ Dr. Joanna Kujawa” on Spreaker.

Richard Dugan

Positive Head

Gnostic Informant Live

Vibrational Revelations

Dave the Mystic Blog Talk Radio

573 Author Dr Joanna Kujawa 05/02 by DavetheMystic | Spirituality (

Mary Magdalene and the Erotic Goddess

Dr Joanna Kujawa, Sexuality and Spirituality

Starseed Academy Radio

In an interview with Lavandar and Arielle – the hosts of Starseed Academy Radio –  Dr Joanna Kujawa spoke about her book, The Other Goddess,  the lineages of Goddesses of Eros and Secret Knowledge, their connection to Mary Magdalene, the spiritual alchemy, Goddess Sophia and the travels of Mary Magdalene to Alexandria and Southern France.

Possiblissities Podcast

In the Possiblissities Podcast with Jaclyn Baine, Dr Joanna Kujawa discusses her book, The Other Goddess, goddess Consciousness, the archetypes of goddess and how they impact their relationships with ourselves and others.

Sacha Stone’s Lazarus Symposium

Dr Joanna Kujawa was a recent guest on Sacha Stone’s Lazarus Symposium. They discussed Joanna’s book, The Other Goddess, the Goddesses of Eris and Secret Knowledge, why the goddesses were hijacked and why female sexuality (especially in the entertainment industry) is purposefully demeaned. For Sacha Stone’s Patrons only – but what a treat!

Vibrational Revelations – Goddesses Revealed

Elena and Alejandro – the hosts of Wholistic Inc, discuss with Dr Joanna Kujawa the vibrational frequencies of ancient goddesses: Ninmah, Inanna, Isis, Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Sophia, Kali, Sundari and many others. We discover many revelations about the Goddesses’ spiritual attunement, their personalities, passions and life-paths.  It was a fun show that will have two more episodes in the near future.

Vibrational Revelations – Goddess Aphrodite Revealed

For listeners who prefer shorter episodes, Elena and Alejandro of Wholistic Inc. discuss in this episode the vibrational frequencies of the Goddess Aphrodite – her charisma, charm and weaknesses.

Goddesses as portals for Resurrection


The Divine Feminine in the East and West

I had the great pleasure of discussing goddesses of the East and West, from Shakti to Sophia on Aeon Byte in Chicago with marvelous co-hosts Laurence Galian, Miguel Conner and Vance Socci. Enjoy.

The Rape of Eve for Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

I had the great pleasure of being invited to comment on Celene Lilie’s interview for Miguel Conner’s Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio. Celene discusses the scriptual evidence of abuse of women. My part starts about one hour into the show and focuses on the need to acknowledge the harm done and gradually move towards gender reconciliation by creating new narratives of the Divine Feminine. Enjoy.

Click here to listen.

Femme Fatale, Seductress and the Wise Woman: Adventures and Misadventures of the Goddess Archetype – December 2018

A relaxed interview on some of the more naughty goddess archetypes, Eros as well as some big questions, such as the choices we make to have or not to have children and choosing the wise woman archetype.

The Sacred Feminine

This is an interview conducted by the beautiful Shireen Qudosi of California who is leading the movement of connecting theological spaces. This interview is 23 min exerpt of a 1 hour discussion on the divine feminine in traditional religions, ancient Middle Eastern goddesses, Mary Magdalene and more conducted in October 2018.

Interview on Esoteric and Erotic Spirituality for Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

This is an interview on Esoteric and Erotic Spirituality for Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio. The first part of the interview is with Dr Jeff Kripal and the second part (at 65 minutes) with Dr Joanna Kujawa. Only for brave souls and the spiritually curious: Spirituality, Sexuality, Initiation, Sophia and Tantra.

‘Tantric Mary Magdalene: Gnostic Gospels, Tantra and the Divine Feminine’

11 July 2015, Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio, Chicago

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