Mary Magdalene and the Esoteric Egypt: Women of Wisdom Event

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Dearest Friends

I want to wish you a Happy New Year.  The last 3 years were very interesting and intense to say the least.  In 2019 we moved from Melbourne to Brisbane, then, there was the Pandemic and in April 2022 – the publication of The Other Goddess.  So, I could say that it was a very rewarding year but it also squeezed everything out of me, on every possible level!  In many ways, the whole year was externally oriented as such, I am now happy to focus once again on my internal life after some much-needed rest.  However, I do have one more thing to do which is an extension of 2022 –to run a seminar on ‘Mary Magdalene and Esoteric Egypt’ organised by the producers of ‘The Magical Egypt’ series as a part of ‘The Women of Wisdom: The Celebration of the Immaterial. Magic, Mysticism, Alchemy and The Mysteries of Consciousness’ –  It is an online event.

Many people, especially in the New Age community, talk about the Gospel of Mary Magdalene but in a vague sense. Very often, the focus is on Mary Magdalene being represented in the gospel as the most advanced disciple of Jesus – which is understandable considering what we were told in the past.  At the same time, very little is said about what the actual teachings in her gospel are.  Indeed, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene has 2 parts.  The first part discusses Jesus’ teachings (very different from what we are normally taught) while the second part focus on the teachings of Mary Magdalene herself. 

It is important to remember that the Gospel of Mary Magdalene was found in Egypt therefore, I would like to discuss in the seminar, the connection between Mary Magdalene, her gospel and the esoteric traditions of Egypt.  It is no coincidence that the Gospel of Mary Magdalene was found in the town of Akhmin in Egypt, the same town in which the famous alchemist Zosimus was born.  Zosimus considered a certain Mary the Alchemist to be his predecessor.  According to Zosimus, Mary the Alchemist, who was also known as Mary the Jewess and Mary the Prophetess taught spiritual alchemy which, in my opinion, is the art of ascension.  This is exactly what the Gospel of Mary Magdalene teaches.  I do not consider this to be a coincidence.

In my seminar ‘Mary Magdalene and Esoteric Egypt’, I will discuss all of the above as well as the Hermetic, Alchemical and Gnostic connections to Mary Magdalene and her teachings.  The seminar will end with a guided meditation. 

I will be delivering this seminar at the invitation of the producers of ‘The Magical Egypt’ series on the weekend starting January 20th.  I am one of a dozen speakers who will share their esoteric experiences. I will also participate in a Round Table discussion on ecstatic sexuality as the producers of ‘The Magical Egypt ‘series believe that the awaking of the Kundalini energy was at the core of ancient Egyptian mysteries.

I would like to invite you to participate in this online event with many amazing speakers and deepen your knowledge and experience of esoteric traditions.  To see the full list of speakers and sign up please click on Women of Wisdom – Magical Egypt (

If you use ‘Joanna’ as your password, you will get access to all events as the discounted price of $99.  Or just check out the website – as it is visually stunning – honouring the Ancient Wisdom in all its elements!

If you are interested in this topic, I’m really looking forward to connecting with you at this event.

If this is not possible, we can also connect via my public FB Page Dr Joanna Kujawa | Brisbane QLD | Facebook and other Social Media drjoannakujawa.theothergoddess | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree

On a personal level, I would like to share with you that The Other Goddess has been translated into Mandarin and, as of today, is available in Taiwan.  So as much as The Other Goddess in English is my soulful, rebellious, wise, erotic and adventurous daughter – I wonder what her Taiwanese/Mandarin version is.  I have not met her in person yet as my copies of the book have not arrived yet, but I found her on the publisher’s site – and she is very different, mysterious and calls upon new magnificent adventures and versions of herself.  It reminds me of my years spent in Asia, wearing cheongsams on special occasions and being completely open to the New and Deliciously Exotic (I know it is a politically incorrect word – but for me it expresses the delight of a westerner/foreigner of experiencing a very different and fascinating culture).  And now, I feel like I have a creative daughter who has just entered her life in Asia – and I am so happy for her and I am so proud of her and like every creator and every mother – I wish Her all the best on her magnificent journeys and adventures and may she meet many friends and have many meaningful encounters on the way.  And may she be loved.

You can find The Other Goddess in English 

In Mandarin…/the-other-goddess-mary

PS  My resolution for 2023 is: ‘Rest, Go Within, Be Open and Ready’  – what is yours?

Sending Love,

Dr Joanna Kujawa

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  1. Ari Asulin says:

    Christ means “anointed one” – meaning he was anointed with oil as part of ancient Deep State ritual of Baptism. This was unique for only one reason – Christ and his mother were large hairy humans from the eastern lands of modern Siberia – a land of giants that rarely participated in any Deep State religious ceremonies.
    Giants were notoriously difficult to convert into Monotheism. They had their own religions, (large) bibles, and were often followed by a significant congregation of normal-sized humans. The Deep State knew they would never rule world religions as long as the Giants existed. If they could only eliminate them all – then normal-sized humans would fall under the influence of Deep State religions

    The Latin Bible contains a western perspective of the Crucifixion, a story originally written in the Cyrillic bible, but many of the facts are the same. The story of Christ begins with the census ordered by the religious leaders of Jerusalem in Istanbul. However, it is illogical to suggest that a pregnant woman (who is due) would be forced to travel to take part in a census. That never happens in any census. Instead, the census was of a very different nature; the Deep State was counting the giants of the region in preparation for a planned genocide of giants.

  2. Michelle Star Bedford says:

    I am so excited about this event! Thank you for this update

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