Exploring the Goddesses of Eros

This is an excerpt from my book-in-progress on the archetypes of goddesses. This was first intended as a chapter but has now turned into part two of the book. This writing is a playful and personal exploration of the Goddesses of Eros that comes from a deeper source, from the forgotten part of ourselves which needs healing, that voice which belongs to both women and men and, indeed, all nature. It is those parts of ourselves that are crying out for attention, the beauty and the awareness that we are more than slaves of old paradigms. Ultimately, Eros, like all life, is an experience of the Spirit. And this is that part in our collective consciousness that is in desperate need of uplifting. What I am looking for here, is nothing less than a complete paradigm shift in our thinking our about sexuality, and women’s sexuality in particular. 

In this part of the book, I discuss Aphrodite, Radha, Circe and Sundari, as well as different aspects of our erotic experiences associated with the goddesses.

You can start reading this part of the book by taking the test at the end of the chapter and then checking your answers according to the information in the text. Or—and this is my advice—take the test only once you have read part two of the book and you already have the clarity and knowledge of the archetypes of the Goddesses of Eros.

I dedicate the Exploration of the Goddess of Eros to everyone who has an unsung song of the loveliness of Eros within them, so they can start singing it in their own voice—which is the voice of the Goddess Herself. 

I welcome your suggestions in the comments section as I work on the other chapters. Please note: goddesses such as Inanna, Isis, Sophia and Mary Magdalene will be discussed in part three, which I am now working on.

With much love,

Dr Joanna Kujawa