Dreaming Havana

croppedheat07_newPublished in HEAT and Best Australian Stories 2004

I wrote this story after a 2001 trip to Havana. After some experimenting I decided to write the piece in the second person to give it a sense of immediacy  and intimacy. The story describes two lovers in Havana: one is searching for traces of Hemingway, and the other for Che Guevara. The main character of the story is the city itself, Havana, with its seductive presence and history of past lovers.

The story was received extremely well when published in HEAT in 2004 (edited by Ivor Indyck and published by Giramondo). That same year it was included in Best Australian Stories 2004 (edited by Frank Moorhouse).

Dreaming Havana can be read through Google Books using this link.