Dr Joanna Kujawa

Dr Joanna Kujawa is an author, scholar, spiritual detective.

Is there a lineage of goddesses that claims the evolutionary power of female sexuality? And if so, why were they pushed to the shadows and demeaned as harlots? Was Mary Magdalene one of them, and what were her teachings?

Looking into esoteric traditions that celebrated the Goddess and her art of sexual alchemy, Dr. Joanna Kujawa sets out on a detective journey to answer these questions to discover Mary Magdalene stands at the center of this investigation. Learn about her portrayal in the gnostic gospels as a teacher in her own right and Jesus’ intimate partner, the possibility of her life as an alchemist in Egypt, and her last years in Southern France. Find out if Mary Magdalene was the same person as Mary the Prophetess of Egypt and her connection to the mysterious Cathars, Black Madonnas, and Knights Templar.

Whether looking at Mary Magdalene, Sophia, Aphrodite, Inanna, Hathor, Isis, or the goddesses of esoteric Hinduism, Dr. Kujawa finds the archetype of The Other Goddess-the bearer of the mysteries of sexual alchemy that ends the division between sexuality and spirituality.

The Other Goddess is currently being translated into Mandarin.

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Endorsements for The Other Goddess:

In The Other Goddess, scholar Joanna Kujawa explores an esoteric tradition of women’s power and instructs readers on how they can utilize the transformative potentials that Mary Magdalene represents and personifies. Professor Diana Walsh Pasulka, author of American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology

Dr. Kujawa presents a very compelling, well-researched account of goddesses that rises above any typical discussion on the subject. This is essential reading for anyone interested in exploring ancient archetypes and new femininity. Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D., author of The Spiritually Confident Man: Pioneering a New Frontier of Co-Creative Masculinity

The Other Goddess explores and empowers the vital reclaiming of all aspects of the Divine Feminine and above all the healing grace of Her erotic wisdom and its embodiment in human love. Dr Jude Currivan, cosmologist, author, and co-founder WholeWorld-View

Five-star readers’ reviews on Amazon.com

5.0 out of 5 stars – This is a masterpiece!

Dr. Joanna Kujawa has written one of the most important books of our time. The Other Goddess stands alone as a book that is both a powerful teaching and an alchemical tool, opening the door for the willing reader to accept the healing transformation available within its pages. Written from the lens of a brilliant scholar, Dr. Kujawa does the research for us, presenting the material with ease and accessibility. It is simultaneously down to earth and transcendent. I couldn’t put this book down and while I drank it in, I felt myself remembering the wisdom she brings forth as it lives in me personally. Indeed, Dr. Kujawa emerges as one of the greatest teachers of goddess consciousness today. This is a must-read for anyone longing to reclaim the deepest truths of the Divine Feminine.
Seana Zelazo, LICSW

5.0 out of 5 stars – Called to Read It

The Other Goddess beckoned me until I ordered a copy and found the knowledge I was seeking. When a book mysteriously finds you and calls you, can imagine the power it holds?! I received, and continue to receive, secret knowledge and sensual wisdom that informs me and directs my path.

Reading this book has been like drinking milk and honey, quenching my thirst with a refreshing, “Ah! Finally!” as I relax and rejoice in the cascading waterfall of Goddess wisdom. As a teacher of belly dance, I have long been on a personal quest to recover these secret truths. Dr. Kujawa’s well-researched, well-traveled, deeply enriched path to recovering this knowledge for us may be the holy grail.

While the topic is vast, here are some parallels I drew from Dr. Kujawa’s information and my own in the connection between Goddess knowledge and belly dance: Awakening the divine feminine, Illuminating the seven major Chakras, Providing a road map on our journey of womanhood, Invoking the elixir of sensuality and kundalini, Journeying inward, Finding our inner eroticism, Embodying the Goddess, Practicing devotion with body prayers (belly dance), Transcending through time, Connecting to our female lineage, Getting out of our heads and reconnecting to our bodies, Integrating our opposites, Healing our collective feminine soul wounds, Becoming empowered and confident, Dissolving the patriarchy, Reconnecting to our sense of self, Recovering the lost art of consummation in several ways including with men, masculine energies, music, the elements and the divine.

While I drew these parallels from my own perspective, I am fascinated by Dr. Kujawa’s personal journey of discovering the Goddesses and her interpretations. She delivers this wealth of knowledge in such an easy-to-read and powerful way, I consider myself the recipient of wisdom from a higher initiate. Oh yeah!

5.0 out of 5 stars – Wonderful and necessary book for these times

The combination of telling a personal story and then delving into academic discovery is truly marvelous. It gives the reader an emotional connection with not only the material, but the author as well. The entirety of the content is very well connected, and of course, unique. I love the approach Dr Joanna Kujawa used, giving us just enough information to draw our own conclusions on how we feel about the topic of Mary Magdalene and the relevant topics, whilst still informing us of her own. This allows for deeper exploration of the Mysteries, giving space for us to connect with anything that surfaces from our own points of interest. There are many aspects in the book that I annotated, and quite frankly devoured, hungry for more on the topics of Goddesses and the feminine mysteries. I loved learning, and this is truly a book for those who do: every page dripped with some juicy knowledge or tidbit of information unbeknownst before which makes you eager to read on. There are a vast series of texts and sources presented, that are begging for further investigation… and I have been left inspired for reading, researching and speaking about this book! I recommend it to everyone on the Goddess and/or gnostic path.
The Wandress

5.0 out of 5 stars – Finally!

Thank Goddess! Finally a book that honors the full experience of the feminine! Thank you Dr. Kujawa for brilliantly dispelling the myths and misconceptions of female sexuality and proving through the history of the goddess how spirituality and sexuality are linked.

5.0 out of 5 stars – Insightful and very entertaining

It was a pleasure to read such an insightful and entertaining book reading, not only about Dr Joanna’s research, but also her personal experience regarding sexuality/spirituality. The story about Mary Magdalene has been mis-told from her beginnings. Dr. Joanna’s book researches Gnostic sources how they were discovered and what they said about Mary Magdalene. The most appealing part was her research into the mythology of ancient goddesses such as Inanna and Isis and how she connects them with the tantric goddesses and rituals. I am interested in ancient Egypt so my favourite part was about Mary Magdalene’s life in Egypt as an alchemist. That was definitely something worth reading.

5.0 out of 5 stars – Important read for all feminine wisdom seekers

The author combines scientific research with personal story and myth allowing for horizon opening yet pleasurable read.

I love the synthesis and structuring in the book of many information that I have read and learnt from several sources. The book is well researched and referenced yet does not overwhelm with specialized vocabulary but rather points out towards the source of more information is needed.

Moreover, the book is yet another sign of feminine wisdom coming back to its place.

I feel how our mothers, grandmothers, and grand-grand-grandmothers celebrate that we can be free in pursuing feminine wisdom for them. Indigenous people say that when we heal we heal seven generations before and after us.

Highly recommended read for seekers of lost feminine knowledge independent of gender.

You can also find her on Facebook at Joanna Kujawa Author and on her YouTube channel: Dr Joanna Kujawa – YouTube.