Published Works

Published work thus far — and more coming…

Dreaming Havana, published in HEAT and Best Australian Stories 2004

I wrote this story after a 2001 trip to Havana. After some experimenting I decided to write the piece in the second person to give it a sense of immediacy  and intimacy. The story describes two lovers……

Wild Horses, Best Australian Stories 2005

This is an erotically charged story of passion and emotional addiction. Here, too, the setting (Bali in this case) is one of the main characters of the story…..


Sketches in Exile, Space 3 (2006)

I wrote this story many years earlier, while I was still living in Toronto. It was written as part of a tryptich: Sketches in Exile, Letter to Modigliani and Bateau Lavoir. All three stories……


Explorers, Writers, and Other Creative Strangers, Griffith Review 15 (2007)

This is a spirited essay based on a chapter from my PhD (published in 2010), and applies a different look at immigration, attempting to debunk……

Package, Etchings 5 (2008)

This was one of the first stories I wrote in English: I re-wrote it again and again over several years. It is a tale about the tragic and comic ironies……


 Migration, Belonging, Alienation (2010)

An in-depth exploration of the concept of belonging, particularly the possibility of cosmopolitan citizenship. I decided to publish this book through Verlag (Germany) because I wanted to share my ideas with a broader public, rather than just……


Jerusalem Diary: Searching for the Tomb and House of Jesus (2012)

I simply could not resist the adventure. As soon as I finished my PhD and was expected to pursue a career in academia, my desire for adventure returned. And, voila, I met two men who claimed to have discovered……

Nomadic Tendencies: a History of Wanderlust, Griffith Review 37 (July 2012) 

My second piece of literary non-fiction published by Griffith Review plays with Bruce Chatwin’s idea of wanderlust as a natural human impulse, as primal as the desire to settle……


‘Inverting the Tourist Gaze’, Journal of Literature and Aesthetics vol.22.1, University of Sydney (Nov 2012).

This essay is a reflection on the beauty of travel. My intention was to convey the transformational aspect of travel, how it enhances our perception of beauty and Self-reflection……



the-saturday-age-joanna-kujawa-29032013The Mystery of Jesus’ Lost Tomb.  The Age (29 March 2013). 

When I embarked on my adventure to Jerusalem in 2005, my heart was on fire. As a scholar and aficionado of all things mediaeval, I already loved the city for its high drama, fervent passions and brutal history.  But nothing prepared me for its power – its palpable, multilayered energy, and the waves of love and despair that seemed to move through the streets…..

Journeys and Destinations Joanna KujawaJourneys and Destinations. Cambridge Scholars Press (Oct 2013).

After almost two years of waiting my chapter in an academic book on philosophies of travel is finally out. My chapter (chapter 6) is on hot mamas who travelled in times when women were not allowed to travel, wrote and published about their travels and spiritual journeys when no one else did. Here it is to all hot, smart, rebellious mamas.

something-about-marySomething About Mary Magdalene: Recovering the Central Figure in Early Christianity. Australian Broadcasting Corporation, (April 2015)

Mary Magdalene presented a challenge to early Christianity: an independent woman, a privileged disciple, an interpreter of Jesus’s teaching that inspired a following. So why is she overlooked?

sex-and-spiritSexuality and Spirituality: Can the Gnostic Gospel of Philip Bridge the Gap? Australian Broadcasting Corporation, (June 2015)

The highly publicised debate over same-sex marriage presents a welcome opportunity to highlight the need for a more inclusive way of looking at human sexuality – and, specifically, the relationship between sexuality and spirituality.

Spiritual but not Religious: What are Today’s ‘New Pilgrims’ Looking For? Australian Broadcasting Corporation (December 2016)

Some years ago, when my friend asked me why I was going on a Christmas pilgrimage to Jerusalem, I was not sure what answer I could give her.

Our Connection with God: A Very Personal yet Universal Journey. (e-magazine)

To define my own connection with God, I would say that it is a universal creative, conscious energy that is not static but dynamic, and is always evolving.

A Visit to the Sea of Galilee.

This is an excerpt from my book, Jerusalem Diary: Searching for the Tomb and House of Jesus. The Sea of Galilee has a poetic history.

The Nazareth House.

An except from Jerusalem Diary: Searching for the Tomb and House of Jesus, focusing on the Nazareth home of Mary and Joseph.

Mary Magdalene: The Myth and the Mirror (essay 1). Return to Mago

For ages, tradition portrayed Mary Magdalene as a prostitute. Was it just the simple male fantasy of a beautiful sinner saved by Grace? The story itself probably wasn’t true.

Mary Magdalene: The Gnostic Mary Magdalene (essay 2). Return to Mago

It was only years later, while living in Melbourne and no longer connected to the Catholic Church, that I found my way back to the Gnostic Gospels. Surely I had heard something about the Gnostics when studying at the Pontifical Institute in Toronto?