Self Improvement

Welcome to the Self-Improvement Blog. This space is devoted to articles on deepening our understanding and giving us tools for improving those parts of ourselves that need uplifting. They will vary from pieces on making best choices to self-respect, creativity and many more. Your comments and contribution in the form of articles are much appreciated. Sending Love, Joanna.

On self–acceptance - On self–acceptance All spiritual teachers speak of the importance of self-acceptance. At the beginning of my conscious spiritual journey (conscious because all our life is really that but only at a certain point do we become conscious of that notion) … Continue reading
On choices - A few days ago I rewatched one of my favourite films, What the Bleep Do We know? It is a favourite, not because of its aesthetics but because of what it teaches me about the possibilities of my life. I … Continue reading
On being a paranoid/obsessive writer - Are you a paranoid writer? I am. I’m worse than that – I’m paranoid, impulsive perfectionist. If you have personality problems as a writer, you should feel better about yourself already – at least you’re not me! Though I’m usually … Continue reading
On Finding a Niche - When I finished the nth draft of my novel I knew that I would need to stop writing and start thinking long and hard about the audience for it. This is not unusual if your writing does not neatly fall … Continue reading
On coming out of a spell - At different times of my life I have been under spell of various periods of history, literature or art – but always associated with one particular place. In my twenties it was Paris and its times of greatness: the era … Continue reading
On Dreaming, Walking, Cafes, Writing and Being Present - I don’t know about you, but I used to spend lots of time daydreaming. Ever since I can remember, dreaming or daydreaming was one of the most exquisite pleasures of my life. When I was a child I used to … Continue reading
On the Writing of a Novel - I am sure exactly when and how I decided to write my novel. The idea for the novel came to me the same time as when I finally sat down to write Jerusalem Diary; that is in December 2007. But … Continue reading
On Publishing and Self-Publishing - As debate continues on the general state of the publishing business, the problems publishers and writers face, the desolation of bookstores, and the impact of internet booksellers such as amazon. com and The Book Depository, there is also, of course, … Continue reading
On the Need to be Perfect and the Tyranny of ‘Shoulds’ - The weekend has barely ended and my body is rested but my mind is overrun by the need to be perfect and a long list of ‘shoulds’. Where do they come from: the need for perfection and the tyranny of … Continue reading
On moving houses - Today we are moving from our beautiful Jacaranda House. As with many houses before, I loved this one. This where I wrote my book, The House of the Beloved, this is where I have been happy with my partner, where … Continue reading

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